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Have you ever drink your tea with our adding ice cubes and sugar? The goal of rapid cooling machine is drink the tea without ice and sugar, and it’s very smooth and there’s sweet aftertaste. This texture is worth for you to try your own tea leaves.

Following points are the advantages of rapid cooling machine for tea:

1. Tea drinks without sugar: you can drink directly without any sugar added. Normally, some bubble tea shop owners add sugar to restrain the bitter and astringent taste of tea. You can’t taste it without sugar. This is the breakthrough of tea rapid chiller.

2. Without sugar, the tea drinks become zero calories. As the test we made, to drink 3 cups of tea, how many sugars have you drink? The answer is almost 300 c.c. of sugar. Are you willing to drink tea with such quantity of sugar?

3. Sweet flavor and help the metabolizing of your body: When drinking, you will feel smooth and with good tea smell. And you will taste sweet after drink it. And after 20 minutes, you would go to restroom because this cup of tea help your body metabolized. So, this is a cup of tea for human body.

4. Stable quality and deliver with long distance: Every bubble tea shops pursue the quality stabilized, it’s because tea is very sensitive for the temperature. Tea is not easy to control the quality, if you can’t control it; you have to trough much tea away. The tea chilled by instant cooling machine can stabilize the tea and delivery the tea to customers next day. This means that we can control the quality over 24 hours.

5. Easy operate, fluent process and easy to copy the flavor: A pail of hot water and add some tea leaves in, then press 2 buttons, after 15 minutes, a pail of tea in 18°C is done. The process is so easy that everyone can make tea by themselves.

6. Time and Space: The time of tea making by instant chiller is shorter than traditional brewing time. Besides, it’s not necessary to have a big place for tea brewing. It only needs 2 pieces of newspaper and you can make the 18°C tea. Your shop will become competitive in the prime location.

7. Food safety and sanitary: the bacteria number of instant chilling is lower than before chilling. And some bacteria come from the ice cube. We chill the tea to low temperature, so you only have to add few ice to keep the tea in low temperature. Few ice cubes and low contamination.

8. Nutrition preserved: instant cooling can preserve the nutrition, sweet flavor of tea, tea theophylline, and tea polyphenols.

9. Reduce the cost: It cost only 0.5 dollar for chilling a pail of tea, included water, electricity and ice cube charges. It’s 90% cheaper than traditional chilling.

10. DIY assembly and repairing: The voltage is suitable from 100V to 260V. Picture user’s manual and our entire machine are design for DIY assembly, so there is no after sales service problem.

Original tea without sugar and ice, with sweet aftertaste is the real healthy beverage.

 保留香氣  空間利用  成本低
 易於操作  品質穩定  


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