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Food Traceability 


Visible  Production Processes



Production of Farmers – Materials



Tea Factory Production – Food Processing


Visible Kitchen




Video Food Traceability on Cloud


Farmers’ APP


Tea producers stay together with tea farmers often.

When the chat comes to agricultural products, there are lots of  stories to say,

mostly they have the same opinion – they all love the nature.


But when to face the challenge of opponent, in order to cost down and increase the output,

the tea producers might change their mind to use chemical adds.

But is it the only that way to increase income?

Of course not, if we using video traceability APP, they can make the customers understand the producing process,

and customers will be much more relieved about what they eat.



1.GPS : Tea factory tells farmers that they can purchase tea leafs at a higher price, but it can not be detected any insecticides and hormonal agents, and the factory and farmland’s location both be recorded by GPS signal.


2. Photos and videos:Earn the trust of customers by live show and video traceability, tell customers producing process and where the tea comes from.



3.Tourist factory and natural factory : Clean and tidy factory, and welcoming every tourist’s visit, because he hopes all customers understand that he doesn’t afraid of competition, but worry about the competition is unfair.



Through cloud technology, it will be much easier to recognize where the food come from and how the food made.

Customers can recognize which product is they want easily, and it will be much easier to build our own brand.


Tea made process

Dried by sun


Dried indoor


Tea backing