Food Safety

Sunshine Energy will continue marketing its rapid cooling machines to the customers, consulting with Food Industry Research and Development Institute, SGS and food inspection department of universities as well as demonstrating the dedications and thoughtfulness to consumers.

Its most significant achievement lays in the revolutionized way of cooling, filling and packaging as oppose to those of traditional methods.  The rapid cooling machines have shown that the amount of bacteria found in the soup which has been chilled by the machine down to 18 °C  is in fact lower than the amount found in the boil soup at 95°C. The lower amount of bacteria underlines a more stable food quality, enhanced flavor, innovative gourmet and better preserved quality. The greatest joy is the joy when producers can turn their creativity into practice.

The company strives for a better eating culture inTaiwan and hopes this be realized by spreading the notion of scientific-based test data and HACCP.