Floor and Feet

How to deal with the contamination resulting from trollies used in the kitchen? What are the solutions to make operators’ jobs easier?  Easy operation is in the first place and safety comes as next.  Often, problems are not discovered because good solutions are missing. One can push a trolley through an one-way door.  Food factories transport mostly frozen meats, hot soups and hot sauces. It is suggested to reduce the number of transports while taking food safety into account.

Goods flow differs from staff flow in the sense that goods need to be transported by operators. It is possible goods flow contaminates food ingredients.  Most kitchen trollies are moving across packing room, treatment area and cooking area. Trolley wheels need to be washed regularly.  Trollies used in raw material warehouse or in freezer can also be used in wash room but not in cooking area.  Two-door convey refrigerators can be used in cooking area to transport food ingredients. Are there ways to the unilateral grip problem? Use doorstops or make two trolley wheels on the same side in adverse direction.