About Us

The name Sunshine Energy was inspired by the notion of renewable energy and the vitality of new products.

Established in year 2000, the company is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel conducting tubes and other related products. It strives for a revolutionary transformation in heat recycling, instant cooling, instant heating and heat exchange. The company had completed production technology in 2002 and expanded its factory in 2003.

In September 2006, the company was renamed to Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and started to market instant cooling machines, beverage cooling machines, rapid cooling machines, soybean milk cooling machines, tea beverage cooling machines, soup cooling machines, rapid cooling machines, food rapid cooling machines, food rapid cooling machines, food cooling machines, broth cooling machines, beverage rapid cooling machines, rapid cooling machines for sauces and sticky food and so on.


Sunshine Energy wishes to be a shinny example of rapid cooling and operates its business on international arena. Rapid cooling machines allow you to unfold your creativity: the joy of having fresh milk or mashed vegetables and fishes in the recipes.  Rapid cooling machines allow your creativity being put into practice. The joy and fulfillment of turning the creativity into operation is like the sunshine in the morning gleaming.  This speaks to the principle of Sunshine Energy. We look forward to embracing the creativity with you.  In the process the company has found how inadequate is information to the customers.  With years of operation, Sunshine Energy has been partnering with many factories and academic institutes.

In 2009 the company has stepped in central kitchen planning.


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The experience of integrating various production processes has given rise to an established food safety module and standard. With the notion of staff flow, goods flow, air flow, water flow, bacterial flow, five star central kitchen planning and small central kitchens, the company can help your kitchen or factory in line with HACCP and GHP.

In 2010 the company witnessed good food ingredients and good working condition=less competitive.  The frustration had lead to the founding of cloud-based broadcasting. With cell phones or tablets, consumers can be brought to the production site.


More resources are devoted to farmer APP next year. This makes the record easier for farmers and offers consumers a chance to see the records before making purchasing decisions. Many techniques and services have been evolved in the process, which has been highly acknowledged and appreciated by customers.


In 2015 the company introduced clod-based central kitchen assisting customers in creating production values and standardization by means of I.o.T.  Customers can figure out factors influenced the final result by looking into the records on the cloud.  This allows one to see changes in quality in the production process.


The automatic recording and GHP allow operators to concentrate on production, no more worries about food safety and production quality.  Data is available on second basis, which makes food safety nets viable.  In 2016 the company founded Natural Cloud Technology Inc. www.8dfood.com. It seeks to close the food safety gap by using animal authentication as a means to inspire consumer confidence and boost a positive loop.



With its soft capabilities, DIY, I.o.T., food pedigree, farmer APP, GHP cloud-based recording, cloud-based production process and MIT video/audio authentication, the company believes the wisdom and years of experiences to be the biggest advantage.  Taiwan’s soft and hardware capabilities can compete with other countries on the international arena.