Food Industries

High temperature instant cooling is a key point which is easy to be forgot in the food industry. This is because there is no such equipment before and either the research data. That’s why no one try to promote the importance of chilling.

Cooling is belonging to the final processes of the food manufacture procedure, so the chilling will affect the quality of the food and the cost. Chilling process will help a lot on the good quality. If the chilling process is not right, it will lead to rotten and material wasting.

Instant chilling is like cell phone today, you can live without a mobile, but it’s really not convenient. That’s becanse cell phone can create the high value added of life, the connection of people.

Foods are made by those hard working people and animals sacrificed. Sunshine Energy makes the cooling procedure better. If the cooling is correct, the giving will be worthy. So, Sunshine Energy will keep making the good products to make the earth better.

Our instant cooling machines still improve after such a long time. We are not just considered the chilling part, there are so many facts will influence the good or bad of the products. It’s not easy and complicated, if we do it right, that’s a many wins thing. We also thank our clients to provide so many advices. That’s why instant cooling machine will keep promoting until now. Sunshine Energy will go on create the best product to you.

The reason why the Chinese dishes are delicious is the cooking method, stir fried, to preserve the original flavor of the food. So it’s the same reason why we can preserve the flavor of the food by instant cooling. And this is the secret of flavorful food. Instant cooling is the key technology of each food manufacture plant, which can handle the chilling method, and the quality of the food will be controlled. Becoming the main stream of the food market, it’s very important to control the quality and pay more attention on the food safety. If you don’t do so, there is no way to compete to the food manufacture plants with more capital.

It’s hard to manage a bubble tea shop. If you can’t manage the quality and the food safety, you can’t catch the stomach and the health of the clients. The clients will not tell you that the tea taste no good, they will through the tea away and no come back again.
The lowest level of food manufacture plants is 80 points, and what’s you points of your tea shop?
To test the tea flavor of compare the tea before chilling and after chilling.
The tea which chilled by traditional cooling method, the flavor is not the original one of tea, that’s the flavor of gone bad.