Beef Noodle Soup

Suitable chilling products: beef noodle soup, beef soup, beef soup hot pot, and any kind of broth.

Traditional chilling method:

Usually, restaurants will separate the soup and beef to chill right after cooking, this is because to chill soup and beef together is quite slow, restaurants are worried about the texture of beef will be no good because the slowly chilling of soup. The heats will influent the beef texture constantly.


Sunshine Energy breaks the tradition of chilling, to chill the soup and meat together to 18°C, and pack them right after chilling. This process will reduce any chance of contamination of food. During the chilling process, you will find out that the soup will be cool first, by this time the meat absorb the soup and become juicy beef. The texture of beef is tender and juicy.



Instant cooling to chill the soup and beef together in the same pot. In the process of chilling, beef will become full of beef soup. And this chilling method will create juicy beef. It’s quite different to the traditional chilling, separate the soup and beef to chill. You can taste the different of texture of these two kinds of beef, tender and dry.

If you want to become more competitive in the beef noodle soup market, you have to upgrade the manufacture process of beef and beef soup. It’s because these two both are the soul of a beef noodle soup restaurant. Instant cooling machine of Sunshine Energy Technology has a breakthrough in year 2010; we chill the soup and beef together in the same pot. This is quite different to the traditional chilling method. The preserving time is 3 to 5 times longer, the main reason is low bacteria number.

Food Industry Research and Development Institute of Taiwan exams the beef soup which is chilled by instant cooling machine, the bacteria number is 95% lower than the national norm. This also prove that manufactures the food well, the quality will be controlled and you will become more competitive in the food industry.

So, keep fresh and the quality of food is upgraded, the preserving time will be longer. The most important of all is the food chilled by instant cooling machine the texture is good and the flavor of food is preserved, too. The texture will not change when heating up again.

Efficiently manufacture process: 

  1. Broth cooking: 3 to 4 hours.
  2. Chilling: 10 to 20 minutes, to stabilize the quality by temperature controlling,
  3. Deliver to chain store from central kitchen by package or pail.
  4. Freeze the product by fridge or freezer and delivery to customers.
  5. Upgrade the cooking and chilling technology of food.

Central kitchen cooks and delivers all the food of chain stores, because of instant chilling you can handle the order of dozens of chain restaurants. To cook by central kitchen, you can control and stabilize the quality of each restaurant. S.O.P. manufacture process: from cooking, cooling, packing and delivery. Make the manufacturer process easier, save the cost, stabilize the quality and open the fresh food market of the world. And this process is suitable for food stand, street vendors, breakfast restaurants, restaurants, central productive units, GMP and HACCP food manufacturer plants. We desire to be the quality control wizard to create a mutual wins situation between customers, restaurants and Sunshine Energy.