Bubble Tea Shop

New discovery of Instant Cooling Machine and it’s characteristics in January 2011.

  1. Tea with no sugar: you don’t have to add sugar, and drink it directly with sweet flavor. 
  2. Zero calories: with out calorie, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. Normally, full sugar bubble tea of tea shops is around 70 g. If you drink 3 cups a day, there would be over 200 g of sugar in your stomach. Are you willing to drink so much sugar silently?
  3. Sweet flavor and it’s urinative: the tea which is chilled by instant cooling machine, you will fill sweet after you drink, and the smell of tea is very apparent. The tea which sell by bubble tea shops there is no sweet flavor if you do not add sugar. As the fact of urinative, the customers drink our tea, you will go to restroom right after 20 minutes, and this is quite good to human body. So we call the tea we chilled, the health tea for human body.
  4. Quality stabilized and Sale for a long distance: every shop pursues for quality stabilized, you have to get rid of the tea because of instable quality. But the tea which is chilled by instant cooling machine, it can be delivered the tea we chill to you after 24 hours of delivery, and it’s also with stable quality.
  5. Easy to copy the brewing and chilling process: a pail of boiled water with tea leaves and put into instant cooling machine to begin the brewing and chilling process. Press only two buttons, after 15 minutes, a pail of 15 liters of tea in the temperature 18°C is done. Everybody can make it easily.
  6. Time and Spaces: a boiled water machine and instant cooling machine, operation room is a standard-sized sheet of newspaper. You can sell tea in prime location because this kind of tea drinks making process is space saving. Besides space, also save labor and rent cost.
  7. Food safety and sanitation: the tea which is chilled by instant cooling machine to 18°C. The number of bacteria, 18°C is lower than 85°C. Because we chill the tea to 18°C, the usage of ice cube is few, because the ice cube is use for keeping cool. Ice cube will contaminate the tea because of lack cleaning of ice making machine. This is the reason why if you add a lot of ice cube to chill, the number of bacteria is much more than the national norm.
  8. Preserve the nutrition: instant chilling will preserve the nutrition, such as tea catechine and tea polyphenols.
  9. Low chilling cost: the cost of each pail of tea, water, electricity and ice cube cost, is 10% lower than the traditional chilling.
  10. DIY repairing and international voltage: illustration user’s manual and machine is design for DIY assembly, it’s easy for everyone to fix. And the voltage is suitable for every country in the world.

Original tea with no sugar and ice with sweet flavor, this is the real health tea for human body.

You can mail your tea leaves to Sunshine Energy Technology, we will brew and chill it and deliver it back to you.

If you are satisfied with the taste of tea, you are very welcomed to brew it by yourselves in our company. This is worth to try by you.

Chilling cost:

The cost of every 15 liters of hot tea is about NTD 0.8 dollars; include the charge of water and electricity. We can make 22 cups of ice tea drinks in every 15 liters.

15 liters = 22 cups

22 cups * 20 NTD = 440 NTD

cost of every 15 liters = 0.8 NTD

0.8 / 440 = 0.036 dollar / cup (cost)

We use energy conduction tube to take away the heat of the tea by tap water or ice water, to chill the tea to 38°C or 18°C in about 10 minutes. Instant chilling can preserve the flavor of tea drinks.

After tea brewing, the smell of tea already begin to evaporate, to preserve the smell in the tea drinks, there is a key point need to pay attention – instant chilling by instant cooling machine.

If we chill the tea drinks from 90°C to 4°C, the physical change of tea polyphenol will become slower. This means that if the tea chilled by instant cooling machine to 4°C and preserved it in the 4°C refrigerator, the original flavor of tea can be preserved to 72 hours. 

Why the tea can be preserve so long with freshness?

There are 2 major key points:
  1. In the tea chilling process, the temperature lows down quickly, and the tea polyphenol changes slowly in low temperature. It’s the same meaning of vegetable freshness preserving technology. Kep the freshness and prolong the preserving time.
  2. Instant chilling, the tea will reach to 4°C, in this temperature, the bacteria is already gone sleep. To control the quality and reduce any possibility of going bad. This method is quite familiar to quality control of pork and chicken. To freeze the pork and chicken in 40°C, bacteria will go sleep before it begins to grow.
From the food manufacture plants to traditional markets, talk about the food safety and then talk about delicious.

Part of food safety:

There are hundreds of instant cooling machine successful users and several dozen of bubble tea shops pass the exam of Taiwan Food Industry Research & Development Institute. This institute sampled the brewed hot tea of 80°C~90°C, the number of bacteria is more than the tea after chilling by instant cooling machine.

Test reports:

The number of bacteria is 95% less than the national norm. This will show that the products they served is safe, sanitary and with good quality.

Cooling to keep fresh:

We know that Chinese dished will be delicious because of the cooking method, stir fried, stir fried is heating up fast. And it’s the same reason why speed cooling can preserve the flavor of the food. This technology is also the key point of some food manufacture plants. Who can handle this and also can control the quality of food.

We can’t beat big food manufacture plants because of lack of capital. If you want to become the main stream of the food market, you have to concentrate on the food safety, food quality and the customers.
It’s not easy to manage a small bubble tea shop, it’s very important to control the quality of products, pay attention to the flavor and health to stabilize the earning. This is because few clients will tell you that your products are not good, but leaving without coming back again. Tea is a sensitive product; you can have a test and taste the difference between the original flavor, the tea chilled by traditional method and the tea chilled by our instant cooling machine. You will find out that the tea flavor which is chilled by instant cooling machine is much likely to the original flavor. The tea flavor of traditional chilling is not what they call retro-flavor, is the flavor of gone bad.
The lowest level of a professional food manufacture plant is 80 points. If you are the boss, how many points you will give to your shop?
The brand of food
= food safety + stability
= earning growth + sustainable growth of the business