All the chain system wants is the agreement of customers, and this is also the motive to make the chain system to serve more delicious food. Chain owner concerns quality control and simplification of the manufacturer process the most. This is because there are still some factors will affect the quality of food; this will cause the manufacturer process more complicated.

Sunshine Energy wants to provide the information below:

1. Change of quantity:

Without any chain stores, the main restaurant cooked the quantity of its need and sold the food at the same day. There would be no problem of food processing. When there are more and more chain stores, there would be some problems because of the large quantity. By this time, the chain store owners would not focus on the details of food manufacturer, they just focus on how to provide enough food for the chain stores.

2. Problems of heat up or cooling down evenly:

If you want to mixing, heat up or cool the food, the quantity will affect these processes. Planning a central productive unit, you have to consider about the quantity you want to deal with in a batch. We suggest you to limit the quantity form 100 kg to 150kg; this quantity will have less problems and with much efficient.

3. The complication of food manufacturer process:

Because the quantity is quite different before and after having some chain stores, if you begin a chain system business, you must pay attention to every step of the food manufacturer process. How to separate the food after cooking, how to chill quickly and evenly, how to preserve after cooling, how to deliver the food to every shops, how to preserve fresh in the chain stores, and heat up to our clients, there are so many details in these steps. Every process has strong linkage. There is more than one mode of food manufacturer process, how to handle every step and details, and you can become the winner in the food industry.

4. The difference of packing and delivery method:

Packing method and the quantity you want to pack, this will affect the whole manufacturer process the most. This is related to the food safety, so you have to reduce any chance of contamination when packing.

Besides, how to keep save of the workers is very important, too. To create a safer working place and the workers will have a nicer working environment. This will help you to reduce the accident and these workers are also the key points of stabilized the quality. In facts, there are some useful tools to use in the plants, such as forklift, to move the hot and heavy food easily and safely.
5. Food sanitation and food safety

Food industry is quite different to others; you have to consider more about the food safety. You can’t chill with ice, transit the food by pump, heat up the food by aluminum pot, prolong the preserving time with some antiseptic added, and creating good smell and flavor of food with some essence added. This is only good for the food maker, not customers. Some shops think that the customer will not know what they add into food. Actually, the customers did. Some people will feel no good of their throat because they eat some chemical added food.

And take the bacteria number of food, the human tongue is not sharp. If you taste a little bit sour, there are over 2,500,000 of bacteria inside the food and it’s not worthy to exam the food with how many bacteria. Bacteria number and bad food are in direct proportion, and everyone agree with this. There are 2,500,000 points that we can find out how many bacteria are in the food. But instant cooling machine use the number of bacteria as a warning, 200 bacteria after cooking, 250 after chilling, 300 after packing, and 350 after delivery to chain stores. Use bacteria number to control the quality, it’s more science examine method and more objective.

6. It’s easy to copy the food making process of chain stores.

Money making: chain store = chain system owner

To control the quality at first and the quality of every store is also controlled, too. How to create a simple and easy to copy food making process is quite important.