Ice Dessert

Everybody will have a cup of ice cream or have a bowl of shaved ice with a lot of sweet beans in hot summer time. But you will taste a little bit sour of the sweet beans sometimes.

It’s very hot in summer, there would be more people come to buy shaved ice because of the hot weather. The shaved ice shop will prepare more quantity of sweets; these sweets are very difficult to chill, high temperature will let the food go bad much easier. If someone tastes a little bit sour, and he or she will not come back again. This will also affect to the earning of the shop. And this is because the 15% instability of the food chilling.

Good food material, good cooking and chilling method, will help the shaved ice shop been more competitive.

There are so many kinds of sweets in the shaved ice shop, such as sweet red bean, green bean, soybean, barley, barley milk, white fungus, lotus seed, soybean milk, rice and peanut milk, black sugar, grass jelly, soybean tofu, peanut, and etc. These materials are very nutritious, and these nutritious create a good environment for the growth of bacterial. If we can use instant cooling machine and pass the dangerous temperature of bacteria growth, this will stabilize the quality of these sweet and also your earning.

Bacteria growth = food goes bad