Taiwanese Cuisine


Local Taiwan snack shops⎯ The secret to make the Taiwanese food more delicious

Taiwan is an island with all kinds of delicious food, such as oyster omelet, Taiwanese Meatballs, Szu Shen soup, boba milk tea, soybean pudding, and etc. And these foods are very famous around the world.
Which material can be chilled by instant cooling machine?
  1. The sauce of oyster omelet.
  2. The sauce of Taiwanese meatballs.
  3. The soup of Szu Shen soup.
  4. The black tea of boba milk tea.
  5. The red bean, green bean, and other sweet material of tofu pudding.
Take oyster omelet for an example: The reason why people like to taste oyster omelet is the fresh oyster, besides that, is the special sauce, and the Taiwanese meatballs, too. The sauce becomes the essence of the restaurants. But the sauce needs a long time to chill, long time chilling will cause the unstable quality. Therefore, instant cooling machine will give you a hand to stabilize the quality, your clients and also your income, that’s a counts at one fell swoop thing.
Broth is the essence of some dishes, the broth is made by many food materials and it’s quite nutritious. The climate of Taiwan is humid and high temperature, this may causes it’s hard to chill and preserve the soup. The broth will go bad quickly and the hard work of the chef will go wasting.
We often taste tofu pudding with some sweet material, like sweet red bean, boba, and peanuts, and these are quite important. These sweet materials will not only be preserve their own flavor, but also become more sanitary by instant cooling.
So, do you have any trouble about the food chilling? Sauce and broth chilling by instant cooling machine will help you to create the best flavor of the delicious food.
The advantage of the instant cooling machine: 
  • Chilling instantly, preserve the nutritious and the flavor of the food, stabilize the quality.
  • With benefit of investment: The cost will not increase if you purchase instant cooling machine. This is because instant chilling will stabilize the quality, and make the increase of the clients, to create the income.
  • Make use of the space: some booths are very small. Our machine are small, like a chair’s big.