Videos of rapid cooling Taiwanese cuisine. Rapid cooling can restrain the growth of the bacteria because of temperature, this is also a part of food safety. There are no good and clean environment control in many Taiwanese cuisine restaurants and booths, it’s quite important to use rapid cooling machine to control the bacteria number. Rapid cooling machine chills fast and short time for the growth of the bacteria. This will help all our client to preserve the original flavor, essence and quality of the food.

Fried onion


Simmered chicken claws

Ground meat

Beed noodle soup-1

Beef noodle soup-2

Beef noodle soup-3

Black fungus juice


White fungus juice


Sweet lotus seed

Sweet red bean soup

Sweet barley soup-1

Sweet barley soup-2

Sweet barley soup-3

Topping: Sweet Peanuts

Tofu pudding

Herbal tea