Beef Soup


 Beef soup Beef soup usually refers to a bowl of beef broth with chunks of beef in it but without noodles, as oppose to beef soup noodles.

Beef noodle soup is often made of stewed beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles It exists in various forms throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Red braised beef noodles are the most common type of beef noodle in Taiwan. The beef is often stewed with the broth and simmered, sometimes can be over 24 hours with bone marrow. Beef noodle soup is considered a national dish  in Taiwan and  every year the Taipei holds an annual Beef Noodle Festival, where various chefs and restaurants compete to for the “best beef noodle” title.

New rapid cooling method: beef and soup chill together. The beef will absorb the soup while cooling, the juicy and tender beef texture is quite different than fan cooling beef.

Beef and soup is the basic material of a bowl of beef noodle soup, to control the quality of both materials will help a lot the beef noodle soup market and the home delivery industry.

Sunshine Energy breaks the myth of separating chilling of beef and soup by instant cooling machine. Traditionally, cooks will take out the beef from the soup after cooking; the beef will become over-cooked if you don’t take them out. This is because the heat of soup will heat up the beef constantly. Now, with new technology of instant cooling machine, chill the soup and beef to 15 or 18°C together. Fill and pack right after chilling, these processes reduce the chance of food pollution.

Chill the beef and soup together, as the theory of thermal expansion and contraction, when the soup is chilled, by this time the beef is still warm, the beef will inhale the soup into and become chilled soon. This is the reason why the beef is tender by instant chilling.

The beef and soup which are chilled by rapid cooling machine, you don’t have to depend on food additive, and the preserving time is 3 or 5 times long than traditional chilling method. This is because the bacteria are going to sleep and stop growing. The bacteria number is the main factor of preserving time. And the chilled product is passed the exam of Food Industry Research & Development Institute, the bacteria number is 95% lower than national norm. This also prove that chilling and preserving well, the food will keep fresh and the quality of food is controlled and let the manufacturer become more competitive on the food market.

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Instant cooling machine chills beef soup from 100°C to 36°C by tap water in 10 minutes or use ice water to chill to 18°C. The chilling cost of every batch is around 0.1 dollars. The size of the smallest cooling machine NE-15 is just like a chair’s size. In the whole chilling process, the food will not be damaged and it can be chilled evenly. Every machine of Sunshine Energy are designed for DIY assembly, the customers can repair the problem in 5 minute, so there is no after-sales service problem.

There is one thing that we want to mention about, it the flavor of food is preserved when instant chilling. No matter the food is just cooked, chilled or reheated; the flavor is quite the same.

Efficient manufacturer process:

  1. 3 to 4 hour for soup cooking.
  2. 10 to 20 minutes of chilling, controlling the temperature from this process.
  3. Bag packing, pail packing and delivery.
  4. Home delivery the chilled food and frozen food.
  5. Upgrade this key technology – instant chilling.

A central kitchen can provide and deliver the need of several dozen of chain stores when the manufacturer process becomes automatically controlled. Plan the whole food manufacturer and selling process detailed, the alliance system will grow steady and become more competitive.
Rapid cooling machine in S.O.P.: cooking, chilling, packing, preserving and delivery next day.


No matter the street vendors, traditional market, breakfast restaurant, central kitchen, GMP and HACCP manufacturer plants. Instant cooling machine choose to be the food quality controller, to reaches the goal of three way wins of customers, restaurants and Sunshine Energy. High manufacturer circulation reduces the personnel cost and control the food quality to enter the home delivery and fresh food markets.

The evaluations of enhancing competitiveness:

  1. Manufacturer costs: automatically by machine or single person to handle the whole process?
  2. The cost of the manufacturer space: how to upgrade the manufacturer capacity of the plants?
  3. Power consumption: high power consumption and low produce ability equipments or low power consumption one?
  4. Personnel cost: how to make the worker to produce more quantity of food?
  5. The standard of food quality: hot filling or cold filling? And the definition of food safety? The standard of rotten food? QC examines process?
  6. Visible kitchen is more important. Not the beauty of the shop, to show the manufacturer process to the clients. This would help on your brand and gain the trust of customers.
  7. Investment of equipment: what would you choose today, a pager or a cell phone?