Chicken Soup

chicken soup






The classic chicken soup consists of a clear broth, often with pieces of chicken or vegetables. Examples of chicken soups in different cultures:

  • Ajiaco: a chicken soup from Columbia.
  • Avgolemono: chick soup with lemon and egg from Greek.
  • Bajajou, a soup of Slovakian origin, is made with boiled beef intestines, chicken, egg, onion and rice.
  • Bird’s nest soup: a delicacy in Chinese cuisine.
  • Canja de galinha: a Portuguese soup of chicken, rice and lemon.
  • Cock-a-leekie soup: leek and potato soup made with chicken stock, from Scotland.
  • Phở : Vietnamese beef/chicken soup with scallions, welsh onion, cheered ginger, wild coriander, bail, cinnamon, star anise,clove and black cardamom.
  • Sanocho: chicken soup with vegetables in Latin America.
  • Soto: a traditional Indonesian soup made with turmeric, galangal, etc., usually contains either beef or chicken.
  • Trahanas: a variation of the above soup using chicken and Halloumi cheese.  


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