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Rice gruel/congee is popular in many Asian countries.    To prepare the dish, rice is boiled in a large amount of water until it softens significantly. However, due to the dense characteristics of rice gruel/rice congee, cooling can be challenging for catering establishments and the like.

The ineffective heat radiating can lead to rotten food resulting in unnecessary food waste.  Sunshine Energy asserts that correct cooling is no less important than correct cooking.

Rice gruel is not easy to cool because of its density. As the core temperature is high ant it’s not easy to chill, the ingredients inside is easy to be over cooked. If you want to preserve the freshness and texture, the rice gruel are cooked everyday or by order.

Rapid cooling machine create a new way for the rice gruel selling, so the rice gruel can be sold to other market places. Rapid cooling machine chills fast, the texture and flavor are preserved. When the temperature is chilled down to 18 degree, filling, packing and then put into fridge for preserving. Even the rice gruel is freezes, the freshness and texture are already preserved by rapid cooling machine.

As the cooling time, it takes around 25 minutes to chill down to 18 degree from just cooked.  This is more efficiency than any other cooling methods. Below is a brief comparison table with cooling options commonly seen in the market place:



  • Bacteria number: the bacteria number in 20 degree is lower than when it is in 95 degree. This data represents that the quality is stable by rapid cooling machine.
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  • Fresh material added: Natural materials will enhance the texture of your rice gruel. Without a good chilling method, not only it’s not easy to preserve, but also no good for the fresh material adding. Rapid cooling controls the bacteria number, this make the fresh material adding possible. Creating competitive flavor and texture is good for the market expanding.
  • Chilling cost: It takes around US$ 0.05 to chill from 100 to 40 degree by normal water. 40 to 18 degree, we use ice water to chill, this kind of chilling mode is 60% – 75% energy cost.
  • DIY assembly and repairing: preventing for the shout down by not-working machine. Rapid cooling machines are design by DIY assembly, every part are module made. Through illustration manual, everyone can be a technician to fix it. Let the troubleshooting easier.
  • Worldwide voltage design: 100V to 270V.
  • DC 24V degsing: Low voltage design protect our customers from the strong electricity fluency. You don’t have to worry about being electric shock when operation in the wet kitchen.