Curry Paste


curry paste cooling

It’s quite delicious the curry but it’s complicated and need sprite while cooking the paste. Because of the smooth texture and rich flavor, this makes the cooling of curry paste not easy.

There are so many problems of traditional cooling method:

  1. work safety problems: scald.
  2. personnel cost.
  3. chilling cost.
  4. food pollution and etc.

Now rapid cooling machine of Sunshine Energy can solve the problem and provide more value added advantages:

  • First, same pail process from cooling to packing.
    This will prevent the cross contamination of pail changing. A girl can operate the process from cooking, cooling, filling and packing. ( 100 kg of food curry paste)
    2016DM (16)
    Rapid cooling machine preserves the original flavor of curry paste. As the cooling time is short, there only few film comes out while cooling. It takes around 30 minutes to chill down to 18 degree. (the cooling time will be different depends on the thickness/ density of the paste. thicker and longer.)
  • Benefit of the operation room:
    A small central kitchen, you can produce high quality and control the food safety of food through cooking units, cooling system, and clean packing area. The personnel cost is low through this central kitchen concept.
  • Food safety:
    There is no 15% of central kitchen problem after rapid cooling, the sauce can be chilled evenly with low temperature difference. This is because the core temperature is the main fact to affect the flavor, texture and shelf life.

    The bacteria number influence the food change.

    The bacteria number in 95 degree is lower than 18 degree. This data shows that rapid cooling machine chill quickly and this will restrain the growth of bacteria. You can use rapid cooling machine no matter what industry, franchises, online order industry, fresh food factory, small enterprise and etc.

  • Stable quality = stable income.
    The most important fact for every food manufacturer is stable quality and texture. These 2 target will be different by the production process. It’s easy to ignore the cooling part. The texture is uniform after rapid cooling. The bacteria number is few, so the original flavor and freshness can be preserved. Controlling the manufacturing process and the income will grow constantly.
  • Chilling cost:
    In traditional cooling method, as the curry paste is too thick to cool down, the staffs will choose to separate into small pails. This kind of cooling, you need several staffs to operate and it’s very easy to get scald.

    sauce cooling
    scald by separating the sauce into small containers.

    cart cooling
    it’s not easy to transport to cooling system when the floor is slippery or not flat.

    No matter what kind of cooling method you use, fan cooling, flowing water cooling, ice water machine cooling, ambient cooling. These will need staff to manage the process (personnel cost) and energy cost (fridge, freezer or fan cooling.)

    The filling and packing cost:
    (1) pollute by the small container because of the not complete cleaning.
    (2) cleaning time and cost: water fee and time cost raise.

    personnel cost  cleaning water fee water fee-03


  • Durability of rapid cooling machine:
    The shelf life of energy conduction tubes is long, around 10 to 20 years, longer than normal stainless steel 304. Electronic system conform to the CE certificate. Worldwide voltage design will be available in every country.
  • DIY assmbly and repairing:
    Rapid cooling machine are design for DIY assembly and module connection. Everyone can easily install and repair by manual illustrations and videos.