Herbal Tea Cooling

Herbal Tea Cooling

imag0580 Chinese medicine practitioners believe the herbal tea is beneficial to mankind ⎯both physically and mentally. In contemporary society, one can also buy bottled, canned or boxed herbal tea in supermarkets as fewer and fewer families have time to make them at home on their own. However, these drink products are often sweetened and barely contain their original flavors.

Compendium of Materia Medica says that the herbal tea is good for the liver, it’s good beverage during summer time. It takes a long time to cook a herbal tea, you don’t want to waste your hard working because of the slowing cooling method.

Traditionally, the herbal tea manufacturer use ambient cooling, flowing water  cooling, ice cube water brewing cooling, and even add ice cube inside the herbal tea. These are the methods they used from their ancestors and it’s also the method they thought saving money and low cost.

However, are these methods really saving money? The land cost is high, with big production volume, the space is not well used in their kitchen. And long chilling time will create an environment of bacteria growth. The dust and insects will fall during cooling. These might cause the rotten of the herbal tea. We haven’t mentioned risk of the staff scald.

Many of the manufacturers try many ways to preserve the freshness like just cook. But the freshness should be controlled by the process, the kitchen environment, the attitude of staffs, the fresh material, the preserving way of the material and ready to eat products. These facts should be all considered about, so does the contamination of bacteria. Cooking everyday doesn’t mean there’s no bacteria treat or it’s fresh.

core temperature
misunderstanding of core temperature

freshness preserving

Sunshine Energy Technology promote our concept about the food safety and food hygiene 17 years ago. Before that, There’s  no food cooling system in the kitchen of every manufacturer. Now, the food safety is the most important thing. Rapid cooling machine can reduce the cooling time. The process of herbal tea is cook, chill, and packing, the space is no more for cooling only, so the space is well used after using the rapid cooling machine. Every equipment are professionally doing their jobs, instead of being limited by each other. The production volume is enhanced.

Rapid cooling machine can solve the core temperature problem, it can chill a pail of herbal tea quickly. Herbal tea can be chilled in 20 minutes from just cook to 18 degree. Short time means that the bacteria don’t have time to grow. Low bacteria number also represent long shelf life. With this key point,  the staffs can manufacturer the herbal tea off peak. The main concept of our rapid cooling machine is a girl can operate the whole process from cooking, cooling, and packing, one staff can handle 100 KG, by the lifting trolley. Save the personnel cost and reduce any possibility of scald.

Sunshine Energy Technology invite Food Industry Research and Development Institute to sample the product with Steritop Filter. The report shows there are 34 bacteria in 95 degree Celsius, and after rapid cooling to 20 degree, there’re only 19 of them. Lower bacteria number represents stable quality and longer shelf life.

clean packing room
clean packing room

Rapid chilled herbal tea:


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The report of bacteria number

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Chinese herbal medicine pharmacy can use rapid cooling machine to expand the herbal tea selling market. It takes around 20 minutes to chill down to 18 degree. Rapid chiller can also connect to auto filling and packing machine. It’s easier and more convenient from cooking, cooling and filling.

With rapid cooling machine, Sunshine Energy Technology provide you a new identification of freshness. We can solve your cooling problem and provide you a solution with HACCP norm.