Spaghetti Paste


Italian sauces While white sauce is a key component of many Italian dishes, there are also many sauces based on tomato or vegetables and various spices.

Reference: Sauce Wiktionary, Wikipedia

Popular savory sauces used for dressing meats, fish and vegetables include Bang caudal from Piedmont, Salmoriglio from Sicily, Gremolata from Milan and Salsa verde from Emilia-Romagna and Tusany whereas most well-known savory sauces for pasta dishes are Ragu alla Bolognesse, Pestro from Genoa and Carbonara and Amatriciana from Lazio.

The sauce is the essence of Italian cuisine and it’s the most difficult part of it. The paste could be cook for almost a day to bring out its delicious flavor and essence.

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The sauce is cooked with time, good material and all the hard work from chef. But it’s also hard to chill. With the characteristic of thickness of sauce, the core temperature is not easy to chill. This will become the comfortable environment for the bacteria. The current manufacturing problems  are below:

  1. Production volume limit: It’s because it’s not easy to preserve, and it’s easy to become rotten. So, chefs choose to cook everyday with small volume.
  2. Natural material limit: If the cooling process is long, the bacteria will grow because of the long cooling time, nutritious environment and perfect temperature. When the sauce is hard to preserve, the food manufacturers will choose to add cream instead of milk. But the texture and quality will be the same between milk and cream?
  3. No creative flavor: When the cooling time is long, it’s not easy to put natural material inside to create better flavor and texture. Rapid cooling machine will help your sauce with long shelf life, and stable quality. The fresh seafood, fruit and dairy product can be used while sauce making to create more competitive flavor to your customers.
  4. Stable quality: If the sauce can’t be well cooled in kitchen, there will be a problem in chain restaurant.
    Stable quality = Stable income
    Unstable quality = Unstable income = bad brand image
  5. Food safety: If you can’t control the bacteria number of your product, and there’s not food safety in your kitchen.

The bacteria number after rapid cooling is 95% lower than just cook. (95 degree Celsius)
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Rapid cooling machine will solve the problems above, you can cook 2 to 3 times a week; add fresh milk inside to create better texture; new flavor invention; and expand more restaurants with same quality.