Ramen Broth

RAMEN soup cooling

Japanese says that the essence of the Ramen is broth.

The key point of a bawl of successful Ramen is broth. Japanese use bone, chicken bone, pork bone and vegetables to braise for several hours. Broth is the collection of these materials and full of nutrition.

Ramen broth is like other soup base, full of nutrition and it’s not easy to preserve. Most cooling methods are ice water brewing cooling, fan cooling and etc. The cooling time is too long to preserve the smell, flavor and there’s still bacterial number problem.

Rapid cooling machine preserves the original flavor and control the temperature to restrain the growth of bacteria.

After cooking, we will see the steam come out from the broth, more time of contact to the air, more flavor and smell disappears. The smell and flavor is one of the most fact of Ramen soup. Rapid cooling will reduce the oxidize time with air, it takes around 20 minutes to chill down to 28°C. Pack or Seal right after cooling. The flavor preserved even reheat it.

Rapid cooling machine controls the target temperature, time and quality. Through rapid cooling you can have the same quality of every Ramen.


Besides, rapid cooling pass through 70°C to 20°C quickly, this is the bacteria growing fast zone. And the bacteria number in 18°C after rapid cooling is lower than it’s in 95°C.

Low bacteria number = stable quality = long shelf life

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  1. Reduce the risk of cross contamination: same pail from chilling and packing.
  2. Save personnel cost: One girl can operate from braising, cooling, filling and packing.
  3. Well use of the kitchen space: it takes a lot space when ambient and fan cooling. There will be dangerous while working. Use rapid cooling, there will be no pails waiting for cooling, reduce the heat and steam of food. Create a comfortable kitchen for staffs.
    tradition cooling


ramen broth rapid cooling

Tips of Ramen broth rapid cooling:

  1. NE-15, NE-30 and NE-51 is suitable.
  2. Target temperature: 25°C to 28°C
    This is because there will be some edible fat and gelatin after long time braising. The fat will flow up to surface if the temperature is lower than 25°C. And gelatin will fall to the bottom if the temperature is too low. This will cause the uneven cooling and affect the texture of ramen broth.
    ※ 25 to 28°C is still in the danger zone, please preserve in fridge right after cooling.
  3. Cooling time: 20 to 25 min. The time will be different depends on the material and ingredients.
  4. Cooks 2 to 3 times in a week because the rapid chilled ramen broth has longer shelf life.