Food Safety

Food Safety and Food Storage by Chillers

Chilled and frozen items must be stored immediately. General chillers must be capable of operating between +1° to +4°C and must be sited away from any heat source – including sunlight – in a well-ventilated area. They must be sited so that all surfaces and surrounding area can be adequately cleaned.  The probe of a visible temperature gauge must be situated in the warmest part of the chiller for the most effective monitoring. The temperature should be checked three times during a 24-hour period by relevant staff.  Temperature fluctuations may not mean the food is unusable but will mean the stipulations of the following shelf life chart apply:

Shelf Life Chart for Chilled Food

All items taken from their original packaging must be covered and labelled, identifying the date. Food stocks must be rotated following the rule of  “First in-First out”. Any item not used after the third day must be discarded.

Reference: Hygiene Codes of Practice Cook Chill/Freeze, NHS Foundation Trust , No: CORP/0014/v6, August 2011