Stock and Soup



Most soup manufacturers cook everyday to maintain the quality, preserve the freshness and food hygiene because there is high nutrition. Soup is also the essence of many delicious dishes. The quality of soup is controlled, and there is no problems of every dish.

After cooking, the traditional cooling methods are below:

  1. ice water storage cooling: high electricity cost, core temperature.
  2. flowing water cooling: high water cost, core temperature, bacteria number, flavor lost.
  3. fan cooling: electricity cost, core temperature, bacteria number (more, dust and insect falling), flavor lost.
  4. ambient cooling: core temperature, bacteria number, flavor lost, food waste.
  5. constantly heat up with low heat. The texture and salinity can’t be controlled. Continually heat up, there might be a fire situation, and this is bigger lose for your kitchen.
 soup cooling

However, there are risks in these method, such as rotten food and contamination. And there might be work safety problems, such as scald and fire situation. Sometimes the manufacturers choose to chill with staff stirring. But it’s hard to control people and the stirrer is another contamination, too.

We all want to make the shelf life longer, but there are many details and these are all bound together. It takes 8 to 12 hours to bring out the essence of bones soups. Some manufacturers knows the secret recipe, they can’t tell anyone, so they have to cook everyday without leisure time, just want to keep secret of the soup. As they want to maintain the quality, they have to wake up early and cook everyday.
Some manufacturers can’t bear this kind of hard work, so the bone soup powder comes out. This is because the following reasons:
  1. Stable quality:
    If the sauce can’t be well cooled in kitchen, there will be a problem in chain restaurant.Stable quality = Stable income
    Unstable quality = Unstable income = bad brand imageIt’s not easy to control the quality when there’s personnel, process, space limit, material and etc. And it’s also not easy to cook exact production volume everyday. One of the facts above may lead to quality change, the manufacturer force to through the soup with struggle.Use rapid cooling machine, fill the soup into pails, boxes, bags; and deliver it to the chain restaurant in low temperature. Take a part of these packages depends on the visiting customers. And the rest of the packed soup is still in the fridge/freezer. This will reduce the processes, staffs, heating time. The most important of all is that the waste reducing and the quality stabilized.With this S.O.P process, manufacturers can cook before receiving orders, and cook twice or 3 times a week, more leisure time earning.

    Better food quality and better living quality.

  2. No creative flavor:
    When the cooling time is long, it’s not easy to put natural material inside to create better flavor and texture. Rapid cooling machine will help your soup and stock with long shelf life, and stable quality. The fresh seafood, fruit and dairy product can be used while soup making to create more competitive flavor to your customers.
  3. Limited cooking volume:
    Cook frequently or everyday because it’s difficult to preserve. It’s easy to get scald when transport large amount of soup.
  4. Chilling cost:
    The chilling cost per batch is US$ 0.05 to chill down from 100 to 38 degree by normal water. 38 to 18 degree, we use ice water to chill, this kind of chilling mode is 60% – 75% energy cost. The saving is more than the investment.
  5. Chilling process:

    Decanting and transport the cooked soup is another problem, this is because it’s wet and slippery in the kitchen. Staffs is easily to get scald. Before, our client will choose hot filling and packing to solve the pollution problem but this is not easy to do practically.

    soup cooling

    Sunshine Energy Technology knows the inquiry of the food manufacturers, we design the process from process of soup decanting, cooling, and filling, all transport and operate by a girl (100 kg per batch). Same pail in the whole process, this can reduce the pollution of container changing and make the production process easier. Let the food safety be complete practically in your kitchen.

  6. Expand the online market:
    The popular of internet, many food manufacturer start to sell their product to other cities. But the internet world is cruel. If your product get one bad point, the news spread quickly, so does the good point.Sunshine Energy Technology suggests you to use bacteria number to control your quality, it’s because no one can taste the food and tell you the number of bacteria. When you know the food is rotten, the bacteria number is hundred times over the national norm.
    (Get test with SGS, Food Institute, or exam institute in your country)Stable quality =  stable earningUse rapid cooling machine to chill your soup/ stock, you get the following value added advantages:
    (1) braise the soup twice or 3 times in a week, more leisure time.
    (2) add fresh materials to create competitive flavor.
    (3) invent new flavor easier.
    (4) expand chain restaurant with same quality.
    (5) expand online order market.
  7. Food safety: If you can’t control the bacteria number of your product, and there’s not food safety in your kitchen.(The bacteria number in 18℃ after rapid cooling is lower than it’s in 95℃. )