bubble tea

Bubble tea, also known as pearl tea, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in tea shops during the 1980s.  Most bubble teas come with small chewy tapioca balls, commonly called “pearls”.

Each of the ingredients of bubble tea can have many variations depending on the tea house. Typically, different types of black tea, green tea or even coffee form the basis of this beverage.

Flavors may be added in the form of powder, fruit juice or syrup to hot black or green tea, which is then shaken in a cocktail shaker or mixed with ice in a blender. Cooked tapioca pearls and other mix-ins are added at the end.


Normally we add ice to shake to bring our the tea smell and add sugar to decrease the bitter and astringent taste of tea. But is the ice made in a good environment? Is the sugar good for the human body. Why these beverage need ice cube or sugar? This is all because the cooling method.

The most popular tea cooling method in Taiwan is ice cubes shaking mode. Why? It because the shop owners know that rapid cooling will control the releasing of tannic acid and there will be no astringent flavor of tea.

Now more and more shops choose to use rapid cooling machine for the following reasons:

  1. Save the ice cube cost.
    The ice cube for shaking is purified and more expensive than the ice cube for cooling machine.
  2. Save some tea leave cost.
    Use ice cube shaking cooling method, the tea should be thicker than the rapid chilled one.
  3. Preserve the original flavor of tea.
    The ice cube will affect the taste of tea. And thick tea is much more better and astringent.

    Ice water melting = Water ≠ Tea

  4. Prolong the shelf life.
    Chilling fast without ice cube will restrict the growth of bacteria and the changing speed of tea flavor. (Low temperature will reduce the percentage of tannic acid and theophylline)
  5. Quality stabilized.
    Low bacteria number means better quality.
  6. Chilling cost.
    It takes around US$ 0.05 to chill down to 35 degree Celsius in around 10 minutes.
    It takes around US$ 0.5 to chill down to 18 degree Celsius in around 20 minutes. (the chilling cost will be different depends on country.)
    The chilling cost per cup of tea, 700 c.c.
    → a. a pail of 15000 c.c. of tea can separate into 21 cups.
    → b. the chilling cost per pail of tea is US$ 0.5, the water, electricity fee are included.
    → c. 0.5/21=US$ 0.024/cups
    EN-DM (31)

Value added advantages:

  • Same process, lower bacteria number: the bacteria number is 98% lower than the national norm. The shelf life, depends on the national norm, is 3 to 7 days. The quality will be same no matter in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Reduce the cost of purified ice cubes. The ice cube cost reduces 75% and the production volume increase 150%.
    It takes lots of ice cube by ice cube shaking cooling, the ice cube volume by this cooling method can provide 4 cups of rapid chilled tea as temperature preserving. If the ice cube volume you use per day is 300 cups, use rapid cooling, you can provide 1200 cups.

ice cube : tea = 8 : 2

100% tea, add ice cube to preserve it in low temperature
  • Enhance the production volume: It takes around 18 minutes to chill down to 18 degree.
    60 min/ 20 min=3 batches.
    3 x 18L=54L/hr.
    54L x 8 = 432L/day.
    if you want to chill down to room temperature only, the production volume are:
    60 min/ 10 min=6 batches.
    6 x 18L=108L/hr.
    108L x 8 = 864L/day.
  • Chilling cost per liter:
    (1) 18 degree:
    US$0.5  x  24 = US$12 / day
    12 / 432 L = US$ 0.28 / Ltr.
    (2) 35 degree:
    US$ 0.05 x 24 =  US$ 1.2 / day
    US$ 1.2 / 864 = US$ 0.0014 / Ltr.
  • Energy saving, space saving and more benefit: the fridge is design for preserving, not for cooling. Use fridge to chill a tea is not efficient and electricity cost is high. Use rapid cooling machine to chill and put into fridge to preserve immediately, will save more energy and maintain the quality.
    the heat exchange ability of rapid cooling machine
    the heat exchange ability of rapid cooling machine

    The electricity consumption of NE-15 is 100W, but it heat exchange ability is just like 4 horse power compressor.

  • Quality stabilized = no clients losing.
    Same quality in the chain bubble tea shops.
  • Tea original flavor  preserved, your tea characteristic will complete be shown by rapid cooling machine. You don’t have to add sugar to cover the bitterness and astringent flavor. To create a cup of healthy tea for your customers.

Future expending plan:

A. Chain tea shop mode:



  1. There is one tea rapid cooling machine, and the semi final product is supplied by central kitchen.
  2. Maintain the tea quality by rapid cooling machine.
  3. SOP can be real practice by rapid cooling machine, reduce the chance of unstable quality. Everyone can make good tea with same quality.

B. Area central kitchen:


area central kitchen selling modespades-07

  1. Small central kitchen and deliver to chain tea shops by pail.
  2. Tea producing staffs can deliver the tea to clients after their works. Personnel cost reduced.
  3. Quality stabilized: central kitchen producing together and good SOP, the quality is controlled.
  4. Low cost franchise system, the franchisee don’t need to be trained the production process and make tea, only selling and marketing.
Ice water circulation of rapid cooling machine: cost saving

Make ice cubes on your own and put into the ice water tank of rapid cooling machine, you can use this mode to chill down the tea to 18°C easily.
This process is suitable for the central kitchen production process.

C. Online order central kitchen.

Online order central kitchen


Ice water circulation of rapid cooling machine: cost saving

Make ice cubes on your own (not edible ice cube is OK for the machine using.) and put into the ice water tank of rapid cooling machine, you can use this mode to chill down the tea to 18°C easily.
This process is suitable for the central kitchen production process.

bacteria number
the relation of bacteria number and temperature


Rapid chilled tea is thicker than ice cube shaking process. Without ice cube, there is few bacteria number after rapid chilled. The best taste and its shelf life is 3 days, at least. It’s good for the online order and delivery business.


Currently, there are some tea shop owners try to sell original flavor tea, no ice and no sugar, and deliver the tea by online order. This is the future trend.

tea rapid cooling process
the advantage of rapid chilled tea.
  1. Rapid chilled tea: quality and flavor stabilized, this is good for the extra business expanding.
    11 (20)
  2. Low bacteria number, the taste and flavor of tea will not change a lot in 4 hours, room temperature. And you can sell by big volume bottles.
  3. Different package and different market: pail packing for shops, and  bottle packing for online order market.
    11 (27)
  4. Bacteria exam: build a reliable relation with franchisees and encourage the on marketing.
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