Traditional method
tea cooling tea cooling
 ice cube shaking tea original flavor tea, chilled by rapid cooling machine
Comparison between tea cooling methods
Evolution of tea cooling method:
  1. Ambient cooling = Home phone.
  2. Ice water cooling = Pager.
  3. Rapid cooling = Mobile.

There are several cooling methods, the advantage and shortcomings are below:

  1. Ambient cooling: the slowest method. The dust and insects will fly inside while cooling. And the tea smell and essence will disappear in the air. We strongly don’t suggest you to use this kind of cooling method.
  2.  Ice water cooling: you have correct concept of cooling. But the cost of ice cube is high and the plastic bags to pack the ice cube will release the toxin at the beginning.
  3.  Rapid cooling method: same concept of the second point,  but the ice cube will touch the tea directly. So the water of ice cube is not need to be purified. The time of rapid cooling is short and we control the cooling temperature at 18 degree Celsius. The bacteria will not grow fast and preserve the original flavor of tea without bitterness and astringent taste.

Effect of ice cube:

  • The density is different between each ice cubes.  This means the calorie of ice cubes, the target cooling temperature and tea flavor are different, too.
  • Very fast cooling method. However, have you ever seen the factory or environments of the ice cubes production? 
  • No maintenance of the ice cube making machine.
  • Raw water is the material of ice cubes.