Food Safety

Food Safety

Food safety is a life we have been pursued, the updated model and the implementation of safer techniques and methods, Life Network and 3C advances in technology to create a better humane mode.

It contains a wide range of food safety, more involved in the field, not a single solution that can handle.

The main role of food safety

  1. How farmers produce good product?
  2. Wholesalers based on what information to choose?
  3. Restaurants how to choose good food materials?
  4. How consumers knows the quality of food?


Food safety encompass the areas below:

  1. Food sanitation management and actual operating conditions.
  2. How to know and how to get safe ingredients?
  3. The construction of reliability between sellers and consumers.
    How to know which food is good and safe?

food traceability

How to implement authentication and how to verify achieve real trust?

The method of inspection is not only a tool to address food safety.

For many food safety controversy also like to use the test to solve, but the test can not necessarily catch fake food.


The standard of Food ID can be made by some people and we believe that this is not the original meaning and purpose of Food ID creation.

HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS means how to prevent before happening, and not to critical or make judgement afterwards.



Technology of Food Safety.

  1. Usage of I.O.T. (Internet of things) decrease any possibility of manual recording. This will create DIY collection and production data setting.
  2. Executing GHP means good manufacturing will be truly practiced.
  3. Central kitchen design: 5 flows controlling, cross-contamination preventing and food hygiene.
  4. Easy machine operation and easy to clean and sanitize.



Food safety – Safety ingredients

How easy diy farmers record to record how consumers can watch heritage

Use current cloud computing technology, to solve operational problems,  data recording and number control.

easy recording
press one single button to record the farming process

Video style food traceability makes everything a lot more complete presentation can be associated with a real live.


Food safety requires a lot of knowledge. Food hazard controls allow producers to provide consumers safety products.

The purpose to food safety is to prevent before happening, and not to critical or make judgement afterwards.

The above technology can make the production process real-time rendering of many problem to make decisions easily.

This choice will not allow the continuation of good faith to see.


In fact, it’s not difficult to tell the truth and false. Use technology, food traceability will let consumers to make more specific decisions.

Under human goodness, only few people need to be controlled. Combines the wisdom of the masses can let a few profitable unprofitable. This is the real solution.


Value is not just simply providing farmers produce, but to give consumers more aware of the farmer and agricultural products.

Providing safe ingredients farmers must first provide value method, this method is the need for consensus and recognition.



All need to be designed to achieve the implementation. Simple is the best dream of a button DIY.  70-year-old grandma can operate.

It is the largest and most proud thing to encourage.




Food safety – Food hygiene processing 

A food hygiene is to give consumers determine future trends.  Because of the decor and the story’s appeal on the facade warmth and trust.

Trust all the good of all.   Producers use good sanitation = Use a good selection of ingredients

Presented by cloud technology makes fresh look, see.   Easy to judge the sincerity and make a difference marketing.

Cloud computing in the food hygiene and not to show off or segment, DIY operation, easy operation, and reasonable price.

Now the biggest trends and incentives, cloud technology allows retention period and the number of both can be controlled accurately within the range

Let food handling area, clean quality of staffs, maintenance and cleanness of machine, you can see it all through internet.


Production process fluency architecture should be on food hygiene.  With food hygiene will reduce the number of process contamination.

There are many production processes make the best use of new technologies. Online order, fresh food delivery, the bacteria numbe can be controlled.



Prevent cross-contamination of food hygiene is designed for the purpose of bacterial control, staff flow, goods flow, air flow, and water flow.

Raw food cooked hot food cold chain segment of the process of production patterns bacteria break these machines are clean food hygiene practices


Things is the use of information is to find the missing line and information uninterrupted record.

These objects strung SOP of production planning,  HACCP and Traceability/

Good I.O.T: DIY connection, online serving, cloud computing, and customize.


GHP: Food Hygiene hardware planning, after all, we need to operate on-site personnel

Not a hardware food hygiene may be substituted negligence staff, only the pursuit of the principle of proportionality.

GHP is a meaningful food production process.  We pursuit the method of implement the specifications and technology combine to reduce risk? Automatic recording, cloud discrimination, and alert notification.


HACCP is an important user’s manual of food hygiene. Read it completely to let us to suppression and treatment. How to sell food before you can know the current situation.

The construction of HACCP are for disaster prevention and disaster in advance of immediate processing.


What’s the purpose of food safety examination? Is this for examining after something happening?

Simply Food Safety Inspection can not grasp. If we can improve earlier, there’s not food safety problems.


The best test is indeed convincing as a 3G mobile phones few years ago.

Laboratory is the last line of defense of judgement. But if there could be a better testing methods before this.

This is all about the Food Safety and Food Hygiene

The following issues need to test and plan in advance and confirm

  1. Pick the best sample in million cases.
  2. Representative sample: what’s the definition of the representative sample?
  3. Time: Food safety trouble occurs? Or not? Real operation time?
  4. Second chance: Results is not as we expected, will you publish it or you just do it again?
  5. Examine reports: is one reports representing all the products and all process?
  6. Marketing is guarantee? What’s the cognition of consumers?


Use the technology to exam the food safety, prevent trouble before it happens, this is the purpose of Food Traceability.


You can check the link to know more about our videos and pictures Food Traceability.

Reality and true heart showing, and let everybody knows the passion and our honesty.


Relations: Everything is related, such as good working environment=fresh food.

Friendly growing = less antibiotics. Online broadcasting central kitchen = Real seeing.

Production numbers = the number definition of the last seller.


RactopamineHow to examine food additives? Thinking about the profits, no profits and there’s no need to add the food additives. Use the videos of before and after to prove and show the facts.

Environment changes: Broadcasting the good environment, the numbers and quality  will also be public to the consumers.

Biological ability: Except the brain, human beings is the worst of other species.

But we believe a paper report rather than other species.

生態茶園 - 003

What a ecology and mother nature show us?

Number control: Perfect grasp of the number of goods will determine the development of the market. The number can be controlled eaisly by Food traceability. Number controlled by cloud computing system: Take selfie to guarantee your products.


The power of consumers to push and reach to forward loop situation.

Food safety has driven a wonderful cycle, the farmer planting is the final response. Food safety needs of consumers to judge the rotation wheel to start. The final push to make the stores farmer planting choices.



Food industry of investment in health and safety considerations kitchen

Health and safety of the kitchen part of the core technologies need to invest a lot of resources.  Establishment of a GMP standard kitchen.

The most important investment in recycling kitchen.  But when consumers do not know, it is difficult to produce competitive.



Video Production history is to let consumers know that as the competitive benefits generated recovery, we can provide a more stable and food ingredients and maintain a high degree of competitiveness.



Farmer’s choice=Consumer acceptance=Profit support

Food Safety ecological planting required if the farmer’s profit

Between the farmer to consumers caused many levels not correctly allocate profit

Each farmer’s sincere hope is to see consumers see, Consumers can certainly make farmers have sustained profitability.

When the farmer has at this stage will enjoy the sway of natural ecosystems





Food safety Safety ingredients certified by Nature. Ecological endless nature, ecological endless nature.

Safe working environment,  farmer’s faith to pay to be seen, ecological cultivation becomes all the farmer’s pursuit

Food safety can be further enhanced