Filling and packing process

Food safety concept in the filling and packing process

Packing process

First idea of packing process is speed and neat. But have you know if you get contamination in the last process,  filling and packing, there’s no way to sanitize the already packed product. (in the fresh food production)


EN-DM (28)

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As the demand of customers of filling and packing speed. There’s no easy clean concept in the design of most filling and packing machine.

The hard working of food manufacturing, the final process contamination will ruin the product.


Actually, these suppliers have the technology and the can solve the cleaning problem easily, this is all because the price competition for sacrificing the cleaning design. Considering the whole production process, as our experience, we will suggest you to consider the process from the filling and packing and the the previous procedures.

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Our suggestion to the food contact elements and pipes of filling and packing machine:

  1. DIY assembly: easy to assembling and easy to clean. Real cleaning practicing.
    充填機  充填
  2. Kitchen wares sanitation: Use dish dryer (simple and cheap) and  sterilization units (more expensive and need place) to kill the bacteria.
  3. Changing frequently: change all the kitchen tools, which contact to the food, every 2 hours. Clean the used tools and sterilize it completely.
  4. More spares: 4 set of kitchen wares is the best choice, 4 set, change every 2 hours for a day’s work.
  5. Bacteria killing factors: It needs to consider the bacteria killing temperature and the time both. The time and the temperature are different depends on different species. ex. 85° and 30 minutes to kill Staphylococcus aureus.
  6. Detail-the real temperature:  the panel temperature ≠ real temperature. And we should also consider about the uniformity of temperature.
  7. Accident- pipe cleaning: if you use pipe to pump the food, the cleaning is the most difficult part.




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