Food processing machinery

There are various area in the food processing machinery industry and there’re experts in each area. These suppliers can provide specific processing solutions but it’s rare to be an horizontal expert of whole production line.

Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. stick to our specialty in the cooling area and we expect to cooperate with other senior suppliers. We find out that it will be helpful to provide horizontal combination and food production line process if we cooperate with others. What the clients want is food safety process with fluent operation. Everyone is the master in his own field. No one can handle the whole process alone.

Cooperation is the future trends, one supplier to design the whole process is no longer good for the clients nowadays. MIT food machinery team needs to compete with others in the same industry all over the world.

There is a large amount to wise power in Taiwan, we should use these experience and the intelligent ideas from seniors. This is our strong point of all. With this power, we don’t have to worry about the price competition. Better quality, food processing experience, training by FIRDI, wise seniors and farming knowledge will be our best tools to provide the most suitable solutions to our clients.

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One of our concept of the kitchen process:
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