Food register system, fadenbook

Republic of China after 100 years Zhongtaishijian plasticizer contamination of food occurs, all walks of life growing importance of the issue of food hygiene and safety management.

To strengthen the effectiveness of product sourcing and traceability management, National Food Safety Conference held in 2011 at 100 on June 21 to 22. Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and industry.

Community representatives to discuss proposed six food manufacturers and food additives management reform strategy, including proposals should build food registration system in order to improve network management.

From April, 2012, the Ministry of Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration began promoting: Food register system, fadenbook.

There’s also a internet platform: to let the food manufacturers to willing to register their products.



 Why we need fadenbook, the food register system?

The food safety events, such as Plasticizer, Botox contamination of vacuum packed dry beancurd, this is lack of food and raw materials supplier registration information source tracking and tracing system.

For the industry to implement self-management and the responsibility to ensure food safety and the competent authorities can grasp the domestic food industry manufacturers and related products.

Food register system is the foundation of food traceability.

For food from the supply of raw materials, production processing, the flow, the flow of trafficking,

Are able to provide complete control and complete transparent information system, can effectively improve food safety, management and efficiency,

Currently the world are actively build them. In the food tracking and tracing system,

Food unit (unit) identification and identification (identity) is the basis for all food information.

The idea is simply to say, is to segment people, things, times, places, were five conditions, “person” where the first term,

Refers to the producer or the food industry, in the system must be unique and independent can be identified,

For example, in Taiwan, each have only a national identity card number, social security number in the United States,

This information can not be repeated in the database.

Food Log modern food safety system, the necessary institutional essential,

But also the future implementation of the basic food tracking and tracing system. We would like to see the Government’s early completion of a comprehensive food registration system,

In addition to food safety management is more comprehensive, but also provide the industry more transparent consumer information,

Let the food industry and the people together to create a safe and reliable food security environment.