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Natural Traceability on the Cloud

We hope to establish a food safety solutions that combine natural certification、friendly farming、 fresh ingredients purchasing、global viewing central kitchen and IOT.

Over the past five years, SUNSHINE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. leads this project, and now we want to invite more people and more business to join us.

The current traceability is great and the social atmosphere also promotes its development, but we can make it better, the current traceability is short of Faith, due to many factors, just like that people can copy one traceability to put on many products, our natural traceability can mend the problem.


The first step to start the positive cycle is to recognize, the current way to recognize is faithless.

The main point of natural traceability on the cloud is to show the truth, it will be much easier for customers to recognize the truth, and make customers choose the products they trust.

We hope people respect nature and use our technology to retrieve natural environment, the technology should not replace or hurt nature to increase our competitiveness.

The nature raising people, we should use technology to protect our nature instead of hurt it.


Video Traceability – Insects Certification

Animal Certification – Selfie to Guarantee



Ingredients :

People always want to feel relieved of the ingredients they bought,

there are some analysis about how to get safe ingredients as the following,

and we also want the whole production chain can be operated in a positive way.

Way to prove :

Ingredients certificate majorly using test to verify,

it’s just like people still use B.B.Call or public phone to communicate,

that’s a correct method and has run for a long time also stable,

but we could consider one thing, smart phone has replaced traditional way of communication, and is there better method to prove our food?

We believe that insects certification / animal certification / weed certification is feasible,

because the biological chain of farmland means friendly farming method.

Animal can guarantee is the breed way friendly by themselve.

Farmers can tell consumers the safety of farmland through the animal’s appearance. More kinds of animal mean the farmland is much more healthy.

We believe that animal certification can make the traditional inspection more perfect.



小綠葉蟬生態茶園 - 003



Traditional record method – pictures and words :

Traditional record method should be improved.

For farmers, it’s not easy to record, and the data is hard to present to consumers, and traceability file without a signature is hard to make consumers believe it.

And most farmers are too old to record.


Food Traceability
Just some simple press to record the farming processes.


But, these farmers are the real producers and they own most know-how,

and it is limited that farmers express their opinion by words,

but all they want to give to consumers is the purpose of records – faith.



If farmers can record the data easily by cellphone, and the records can pass to wholesalers 、store and consumers, it will make the records more valuable, and the farmers also have a sense of participation and accomplishment.

The advances in technology make recording data in the cloud much more easily.


Photo recording can communicate farmers’ attentive easily,

and consumers can get the information they need easily and photo recording also makes the record reliable.






Signature & Selfie :

Many of the ingredients record almost no original signature log files,

All records are assisted by sell-side using the computer to type and record.

But our record is composed of selfie、GPS and network time, we believe that records with picture and selfie are kind of guarantee of the farmer’s ingredient. And the selfie can touch consumer.



Quantity Control:

It is not easy to record due ingredients’ diversity and irregular,

and the most difficult part is quantity-control due the amount will go through many points.

The number wrote by the farmer will be key into a computer by others, and it will result in consumers’ doubt.

On our APP, while the farmer types in the quantity they recovery, the quantity will take over by the cloud.

And the quantity won’t be changed by anyone that purchased the ingredient, so the total amount will be controlled.

When consumer scan a duplicate QR code, the cloud system will show that the product has been sold, we think consumers will be much more faithful to the ingredients if the quantity is controlled well.

雲 - 001

Place and time of production :

It is hard to record immediately when we are working, but it could be solved easily by our APP.

Time-lapse photography with global position system can combine quantity and position easily, and consumers can visit the farm or factory if they want to, because they can get all information by scan the QR code on the product.

Good food comes from the natural farm


Nature and Human beings :

Nature raises human beings and many creatures, but human owns the worst feeling, no matter smell / taste / hearing / vision or touching.

Humen owns high wisdom and always on the top of food chain, and we choose to believe the text we create and the validation method we thought.

But we didn’t respect the nature, and it will tell us the result someday. We think nature want to tell a human how to respect food chain and how to maintain food safety through insect and weeds.

In fact, the food human waste is much more than they consumed.

Our traceability APP wants to put biodiversity at first place, and the exam is the second place, perhaps this is another wise choice.



Processing producers stand on the middle position between farmers and consumers, and they will play as an axle of a positive cycle. They turn ingredients into food. In order to start the positive cycle, to create a competitive and benefit will be an important support.

We could consider the following factors:


Good ingredients need a good environment, good environment to make good food.

Natural ingredients are polluted and make the loss easily because of bad working environment.

If the environment is conform to the GHP( Good Hygienic Practice) will create many unseen advantage, good environment will flow staff / goods / water / air and bacteria control, to reduce cross-contamination.

And it will strengthen food preservation and cold chain stability.

food traceability

scan and link to check the resource of food.

food traceability
Use IP CAM to record the most valuable process

Good Environments need to be seen by the customers.

A farmer’s selfie just like a signature, same as live broadcasting.

The manufacturer plant can upgrade its own value to raise the competitiveness by broadcasting the process because of the investment of good environment and food processing machines. The other plants, without this system, they can’t compete with those good central kitchens.

Traditional food traceability can’t show the environment and the production details, but these are the key points for the customers to know the manufacturers are elaboration or negligence.

The original purpose of the traditional traceability system is FOOD SAFETY. The government tries to make the food safety workable through traceability system, but does current system reach our goal?

If the customer can’t see the Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) environment of the food processors, the customer will choose something they can see easily, the decoration of the restaurants and shops. Does the decoration of the restaurant equal to the food manufacturing process? This unequal competition between the one who works hard on the environment and the one who only works on the decoration will increase the pressure of the selling management of the GHP central kitchen.



Sunshine Energy improve the deficiency of the current wordy traceability. We use the cloud technology to show every customers by video, and time-lapse. The recording is done right after work, and upload to the cloud directly.

We also uses I.O.T. (internet of things) to maintain the food safety through control the temperature, humid, carbon monoxide (CO), voltage and etc.

These 2 factors will make the food processing record easier and showing every customers the good processing environment and good materials. Every cup of tea has its own tracebility, every traceability is different.

With a traceability system, you can provide safety food and build a competitive brand image to your customers.

Food traceability
Every ID and every content of the traceability system is different.

Number control by the cloud.

  • Current traceability system: key in the product number manually by computer, re-correct any time.
  • Food traceability system by Sunshine Energy: the number will key in to the cloud, not changeable.

Wordy traceability system

Food traceability system


Video, Time-lapse, Selfie


With GPS and show with Google Map

The number of the product can change anytime.

Anyone in the supply chain should insert the number to the cloud and sign by their own selfie.
Control by human. Decrease the number by selling and the cloud controls it.
The traceability can be copied without limit. Each of content of the food traceability system is different and can’t be copied easily.
With doubt Reliable and positive cycle of the selling and buying.









































































HACCCP  ISO22000   GHP   人流、物流、水流、氣流、細菌流、
















建造食品生產流程如果只是產能加大而想降低成本 最終可能汙染更多而消耗更大,