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With the update of the times, we have entered the era of information, the smartphone has become the standard accessories of moderns. People can get more information on a smartphone. Traditional traceability will change with time goes.

Perform smartphone’s convenience, we combine

Traceability, video, GPS satellite positioning, cloud data, QR code and APP altogether.

Traceability APP can help you reduce the inconvenience of recording by pen and paper, and it has more credibility.



 影音生產履歷 影音生產履歷


1 、 Paper VS. Cloud data : Using cloud is much easier now, Taiwan is known as the 3C Kingdom, we can backup  files in the cloud easily by smartphone and PC.


2 、Word VS. Picture :We use a keyboard to key in word by word, the reliability is low.

Our APP uses a picture to create traceability, through your smartphone, we just need to press one button, and we can save the current time 、location and the working manner. It’s much more convenient and the data is faithful.

Data uploaded to the cloud immediately after shooting, it’s time-saving and easy.



3、Text VS. GPS :Use a text to represent information, it’s easy to make a mistake, and misunderstand the statement.

But if we use GPS signal to record data, it’s much more convenient and more accurate.



4、Simple and practical :Current now, to public complicated data to everyone will need to pass a series of audits.

It takes a long time and huge cost.

Operate traceability APP will be much easier for everyone, even old men. Because there’s no complicated steps, just one button, everyone can do that.