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“Your product is not enough fragrance, not strong enough, sweet enough” when we heard these words,

The boss really want to curse, because this is not the first customer said that this month,

The store next door said their producs are natural, fragrant, pure, concentrated, good taste, and hold big promotion, so that our business gradually falling.


Is it possible that we can’t make the same taste?

Of course we can, the boss took us to the kitchen,

Full of fresh ingredients, refreshing air, clean and tidy kitchen, and all workers also wearing masks and gloves,



The boss said he can make more thicker and more fragrance taste.

Because if he is willing to do, he would add few drops more then other competier.



But he knew he could not improve that is he right or wrong?

He only know that he needs bones to simmer the soup-stock, boil suger to make sugar syrup.


He realizes and tell himself what is the real taste while he touches the original food of nuture.


So he constructed two systems, live show and traceability.

Give every product it’s own identity, make every product different.



GPS system : Let the owner connect with farmers, so that consumers know where the food comes from.


Live show : Let every consumer  see、feel, the cleanliness and hygiene of  production process will presented for everyone.

Traceability : Each product can easily create it’s own idenity, so that every product will has a different meaning.

Application of 3C : Using mobile phone、computer and television, cloud access technology makes us get informations much easier and easier.















To watch live show video, please scan the following QR code.

 QRclod 透明櫥窗走廊 Transparent window
QRclod 櫃台 QRclod 無線-生物試驗 Biometric Authentication
 QRclod 調理室  QRclod 無線-調理室  Final Product Processing Room
QRclod 冷卻室 QRclod 無線-冷卻室 Cooling Room
QRclod 包裝室 QRclod 無線-包裝室 Packing Room
QRclod 烹煮室 QRclod 無線-烹煮-WPS  Cooking Room