Food Traceability 



Visible  Production Processes



Production of Farmers – Materials



Tea Factory Production – Food Processing


Visible Kitchen




Video Food Traceability on Cloud


Farmers’ APP

What customers want is faith.




Consumers want to make the choice through reliable information.

Not because they don’t have enough money either they don’t want to support farmers.

The truth is the current certificate system can not satisfied consumers.

When consumers meet these questions, and they don’t know how to select a product,

the only factor that can help consumers judge is the price.



The positive cycle of market and society can be started by consumers.


In our Farmers’ APP, it can statistics the total amount of every farmer’s product,

when the consumer bought the farmer’s product, the consumer can delete their portion on APP,

and our APP has a function to score, while farmer uses the traceability APP in their farmland,

they can get a higher score if there are more insects found in their farmland.

We believe this Farmers’ APP and Traceability APP can lead the society to start a positive cycle.

Only the farmers who do not use chemical adds dare to show how to plant their agriculture.

It’s the same situation in the food industry, the kitchen can be showed only when it has great food hygiene and food safety.





Live show of product producing.

Live show on smartphone, please scan the QRcode.

 Certificate of animal  Cooking Room Cooling Room
 QRclod 無線-生物試驗  QRclod 無線-烹煮-WPS  QRclod 無線-冷卻室
 Final product preparing room  Packing Room  Stock
 QRclod 無線-調理室  QRclod 無線-包裝室  QRclod 2F無線-物料區





Test Report

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