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Every farmer has a pure heart, live with nature, and they never want to fight with others,

Every farmer had a kind heart.

As time progresses, continuous development, we need to face many new challenges.

One of the theses is the purchase price and value of agricultural products has been impacted.

We all know that good agricultural products should not be detected any chemical adds sprayed, hormones, chemical fertilizers.

Farmers hear the voices of the earth, but can consumers also do that?


Most natural agricultural products look poor, color is not bright, and production is less, so most farmers’ income is bad.

The expense of daily life brings lots of pressure.

If you are a farmer, how would you do?

Keep principles to plant nature farm produce or use the chemical to cost down?

For their family and stable income, a vicious circle starts.


How to solve the problem?

How to start a positive cycle?

Increase farmers’ income is the most direct way.


While customers trust farmers, although the yield of nature products is 30% less, but the price might grow 60%.




How to increase income:

It will be affected by many factors, but the most important one is made customers assign wholesale to choose what product they want to purchase, and  it should be verified by technologies. Like the followings:



1. GPS:

Every land has its own latitude and longitude to find it.

Each smartphone can locate where the farmland is.

Farmers need to be exposed, and all the ingredients need to be exposed.

Because consumers have a right to know, and it will make customers know where the food they ate comes from.

And customers can be much more relieved about the ingredients.


2. Photos and videos:

It’s easy to take photo、record a video by cellphone now. And it’s also very simple to upload the data to the cloud.

Taiwan is well known for 3C and technologies.

Combined cloud and video make traceability much faithful, and much simple to operate, even an old farmer can do that easily.

And the traceability APP can greatly increase the interaction between farmers and consumers more.



3.Cloud Techonology:

The Internet has developed for decays, it has become one of our daily necessaries, and the cost is already low enough.

And we can get information that farmers uploaded by our cellphone、pad、TV、PC easily.

Cloud technology makes a lot of technical simplification, cost reduction.


4.Develope organic market or experience markets:


Farmers can increase their income and characteristics via these two methods, and it will also enlarge the organic market.







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