Rapid Cooling

Rapid Cooling Machine

Rapid cooling machine, it a new method and quite different with the traditional cooling method. This machine can cool down the temperature from 100°C to 38°C, 18°C or 4°C in a short time. Instant cooling can make whole pot with the same temperature. On the other hand, instant cooling machine cool a pail of soup or sauce evenly. There would be no problem of the different temperature of the side and the central of the pot.  The central temperature is higher the the side one, the central food is very hard to cool, and this will lead to the rotten food.

There are 5 major advantages of Sunshine Energy’s cooling machine:

  1. Low chilling cost: it only take less than 50 cents of chilling cost.
  2. Fluent horizontal transport in the kitchen: from cooking, chilling to packing, only single person is needed. Save the labor cost and make the work more efficiently.
  3. DIY assembly design: there would be no after-sales problem.
  4. Revolutionary chilling method: besides save more time, our machine keep the flavor of food. For example, juicy beef.
  5. Low power consumption: the biggest of our machine has the same power consumption as a portable computer.

Sunshine Energy means hope, warm of the mother earth, new beginning of this technology.  So we hope to give sunlight on the food industry.


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SGS test of heat transfer ability for Sunshine Energy’s conduction tube

Energy conduction tube

Red bean soup chilling

Tomato Sauce Rapid Cooling

Pineapple Juice Rapid Chilling

Tea Rapid Cooling

Fried Onion Chilling

Herbal Tea Chilling

Pork Edible Fat Chilling


Accessories and Components

Kindly check out the accessories below and inform us the item(s) in which you are interested. Further information would be provided accordingly.