Clean Packing Room

Key point of a clean room

The importance of cooling

At the beginning of this blog, we tried to let everybody knows the importance of cooling. Decade’s years before, the food industries use hot filling to pack the food, this is because filling in the high temperature will restrain the growth of bacteria.
As the books say, the bacteria grow so fast in the temperature 20°C to 70°C. At that time, there was no such kind of technology of instant cooling machine, so the hot filling is the correct filling method.

Now there is still no exist 100% heat-resistant plastic bag. Filling in high temperature may cause some toxins release by the plastic bag. As instant cooling machine has been invented, cold filling will be the correct filling method with less risk.

The key points of cold filling:

1. Clean room.
2. What’s inside the clean room?
  • Air conditioner: to keep the clean room temperature under 18°C, and dehydration the room.
  • Air filter: one clean room needs 2 airs filter, and put them in the opposite angle. To clean the air of clean room.
  • Disinfection before enter the room: normally we use 72% of alcohol with 28% of R.O. water to disinfect the room.
  • Wear the clothes, masks, hats, gloves, and shoe which located inside the clean room. This is because we may bring the bacteria inside when entering into the clean room.

Detailles of clean room

Because of the cold filling, the packing room is very important, with out the clean process of packing. All the efforts that we have did before will go waste. If you try to change to cold filling, please plan a clean room for packing.