Clear Liquid Cooling

Broths and Beverages

Many food manufacturers have to create various kind of flavor depends on customers’ flavor. Various types with little quantity will satisfy customers. It’s not easy for the food manufacturers to prepare the food. Such as broth, tea drinks, soybean milk, rice and peanut milk, herb tea, tofu pudding, jelly, grass jelly, chicken soup, herb soup, Buddha’s delight and etc. If your products are clear liquid, we suggest you to use soup and beverage instant cooling machine.
After the type of machine is chosen, you have to consider about the quantity of cooking and the size of machine.
NE-15: chilling capacity per time, 15 to 20 liters.


NE-30: chilling capacity per time, 30 to 50 liters.


NE-51: chilling capacity per time, 50 to 80 liters.


Depends on the different needs and the selling modes of every restaurants, there are some ways to go with instant cooling machine. There are 2 kinds of productive processes: manufacturer by central kitchen and by single shops; and these also depends on the selling. This is because the packing method. Selling and packing methods will affect what kind of machine you will use.
Cup packing

Pail packing


Box packing


Bag packing

Bottle packing

Packing methods: manual and automatically.
Instant cooling machine well connects the food from cooling to packing.
There would show some benefits immediately.
1. Fewer operators. Reduce your personnel cost. You don’t have put an extra person on the chilling process. A single person can handle the process from cooking, chilling, filling and packing.
2. Less contamination of food. except cooking, you chill and fill in the same pail. Reducing the pollution when pail changing.
3. Longer preserving time. We make the food pass the temperature which the bacteria grow fast quickly. And then chill the food down to 18°C, preserve it in the fridge right after chilling. Keep the food with low bacteria number and this is the main reason of long preserving period.
4. Food flavor preserved. Instant chilling is chilling fast. We all know that cook fast will preserve the flavor of food. And instant chilling use the same theory to preserve the flavor.
5. Avoid any chance of scald.
6. Keep out the inconvenience of food taking and packing.
7. Use the same pail of cooling and packing, to reduce operation process.
8. Connect directly to packing machine now or in the future.
9. To chill various kinds of food with small quantity easily. Chill in batch. To handle the needs of consumers.