Plastic Bag Packing

Plastic bag packing

When planning, you have to consider how to pack the most, not the process fluency. To plan the whole process from packing, so you can look after both sides of process fluency and food safety.

Considering the factors below, to purchase the machine that is suitable for you.
A.  Process consideration:

If you want to pack by plastic bags, NE-51 is suitable.

It’s because the contamination would be lower. In the whole manufacturer process, both manual and automatically, there is only one girl needed, from cooking, food transferring, chilling, filling and packing, there is no problem.

B.  Packing quantity and packing method: 
1. Over 1 kg packing quantity with less than 100 kg chilling quantity: two NE-15s or one NE-30


2. Over 1 kg packing quantity with over 100 kg chilling quantity: NE-51

3. Packing quantity is around 100 g and chilling quantity is over 100 kg: NE-51

4. Packing quantity is around 100 g and chilling quantity is about 50 kg: NE-15 and NE-30


C. Manual packing or automatically packing:

  1. If you want to pack over 1 kg, you can pack manually. NE-15, NE-30 and NE-51 are all suitable, in this situation, the machine choose depends on the cooking quantity.
  2. If you pack around 100 g, you can use auto packing system. By this time, you can use NE-51 to chill and connect to auto filling and packing machine, processing automatically.
  3. If you pack around 100 g with small chilling quantity per times (50 kg), filling machine is gravitation type. NE-15 and NE-30 is suitable.
  4. If you pack around 100 g and your filling machine is peristaltic pump, NE-51 will be suitable for your kitchen.
D. Purchasing price:
If you have a budget limit or you are beginning your business, the price is the most important factor to you. You can choose NE-15 or NE-30. Or rent NE-51 at the beginning.