Energy Conduction Tube

It provides instant heat conduction and can be used on thick liquids or industries requiring heat recycling, such as semi-conductors, electronics, pharmacies, ice-making, food, beverages, wine-making, pastes, and cosmetics.

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The Sunshine Energy Conduction Tube is made with stainless steel which is anti-corrosion. It complies with the tightest safety rules and it can be made into various lengths when needed. It is easy to clean and is non-sticking. It does not contain any electronic circuit and it is maintenance-free.

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1.   The Conduction Tube is maintenance-free and highly durable due to its physical property.

2.   Three types of tubes are provided: High-Temp Tubes, Mid-Temp Tubes and Low-Temp Tubes.

3.   The Conduction Tube is made with stainless steel and titanium, meeting all kinds of needs.

4.   Two types of operations: reversible and irreversible.

5.   Various shapes and arrangements can be produced according to your needs.

It is applicable for any products requiring heat conduction, heating, cooling or heat-recycling.

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