Machine Cleaning


The visible cleanse

The conduction tubes are made by stainless steel 316, won’t be corroded, and it conformed to the strict food safety law, anti-corrode and easy to clean.

And the surface of energy conduction tubes are polish burnish by New Best Industry Co., Ltd. It’s not easy for the food to stock on the tubes and it’s also easy to clean. We chill the sauce and soup outside the tube, so we will know if the machine is cleaned completely.

  1. Hot Water Cleaning: Use hot water to clean right after cooling. It’s easy to clean.

    Normal Water Cleaning

    Hot Water Cleaning of Edible Fat

  2. Cleaning Powder (Food Lever): After work, use a pail of hot water (water temperature: 85°C) and put 2 spoons of  cleaning powder. Lower the energy conduction tube tank and brew it. After brewing, please use hot water to shower the tubes. (brewing time: at least 20 minutes, or your can brew it overnight and use hot water to cleaning it next day.)
    Cleaning Powder Cleaning:
  3. Steam: Use steam to kill the bacteria, it takes around 2 minute.
  4. UV Light Sanitation System: It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to kill the bacteria. With the cleaning methods above, if there’s still some staff fact that the machine can’t be cleaned completely. You can purchase this  system to kill the bacteria. Use 4 directions of UV Light to create no dead angle environment, please download the report below to check the ability of this system.

Download: Bacteria exam report of UV light sanitation system


UV Light Sanitation System Steam Sanitation
Hot Water Cleaning