NE-15 Rapid Cooling Machine

NE-15 Profile

High temperature rapid cooling machine NE-15 (for clear liquid only)

NE-15 is capable of cooling down 15L of beverage or soup from the temperature 100 degree Celsius to 35 degree quickly, it only takes less than 10 minute (The temperature could be lower if using ice water to chill). The operating cost per pail is around US$0.5.

Original taste can be preserved as drink can be cooled down without adding ice cubes. This can prevent dilution and it is easier to control. Reduced ice cubes quantity on the one hand and preserves the coolness of the ice drink on the other.  The most important breakthrough of the high-speed cooling machine is to raise the original taste and freshness preservation by 80%. Anybody will be able to tell the difference.


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Internal pail size: existing material cooking container can be used

External size: W 100cm x D 90cm Wide x H 175 cm

Capacity: 12L~18L

Electricity: 100~260V/50-60HZ(overseas) and 110V/60HZ(Taiwan)



  • NE-15 x 1
  • NE-15 Water tank
  • Auto chilling water system
  • Food container x 1 (Ø8.5 inches*40cm )



  1. Only one person can handle the process from cooking, cooling, filling and packing easily, significantly enhance labor efficiency.
  2. Time and space: Speedy cooling, no more pails and pails of drinks waiting to be cooled down, saving a lot of operation space and reducing the chance of getting burn.
  3. Enhance the taste and stabilize the quality: The central part of the whole pail of soymilk or drinks is difficult to cool down, leading to unstable quality and loss of customers.
  4. Quick disassemble design: Module assembling design for easier installation and mistake preventive device for convenient DIY maintenance.
  5. The whole machine is made by stainless stain 304 and 316, giving an extremely long lifespans. It can be use for 10 years without any major repair.
  6. Reduce contamination and increase the preservation time: Short cooling time prevents the possibility of contamination. Reducing the product temperature to 18 degree celsius reduces bacteria growth and the change of quality, extending the preservation time. The bacteria number was 95% lower than the standard figure.
  7. CE International Standard Certification.
  8. One year warranty.
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