NE-16 Rapid Cooling Machine

High temperature speedy cooling machine NE-16 (for sticky and clear liquid)


This NE-16 can be used to both sauces and beverages.

2013-NE-16 machine size-360

NE-16 is capable of cooling down 25L of beverage or soup from the temperature 100 degree Celsius to 35 degree quickly in 12 minute (The temperature could be lower if using ice water to chill). The operating cost per pail is around US$0.5.

Original taste can be preserved. This can prevent dilution and it is easier to control. The most important breakthrough of the high-speed cooling machine is to raise the original taste and freshness preservation by 80%. Anybody will be able to tell the difference.








  1. soymilk
  2. tea beverages
  3. soup
  4. soup with ingredients
  5. Italian cream sauces
  6. curry sauce
  7. sticky makeup products and etc
醬料降溫機 NE-16 (2)


  • NE-16 x 1
  • NE-16 Water trough
  • Auto chilling water switcher controller
  • Food container x 1 (Ø38 cm*28cm )


External size: W125cm x D100cm x 185 cm High

Internal pail size: Ø36cm*H28cm

Capacity: 15L ~ 25L

Electricity: 100~240V/50-60HZ (worldwide voltage)



  1. A single person can handle material releasing, cooling and filling, significantly lifting labor efficiency.
  2. Time and space: Speedy cooling, no more pails and pails of drinks waiting to be cooled down, saving a lot of operation space and reducing the chance of getting burn.
  3. Enhance the taste and stabilize the quality: You can add natural material in your sauce products, like apple or pineapple, because of the long preserving time.

User’s manuals:

  1. Auto chilling water switch system
  2. NE-16 usersmanual
  3. Auto lift controller