Central Kitchen

Central productive units


You have to choose a manufacturer machine depends on the packing and how much is the quantity which you want to pack. And the most important of all in the central kitchen is the safety and the influent manufacturer process.


Cooking, leaking out, transferring to cool, chilling, filling, preserving, delivery to chain stores, preserving by chain stores, heating up and selling, these processes have to be considered. Besides, cup, bottle, box, bag and pail packing, the transferring, separate to fill and prevent the scald and contamination, these are quite important in the whole central kitchen plans.


To make a central kitchen with fluent manufacturer process, we suggest you to use NE-51.


  • Single person handle whole food manufacturer process: even a single girl can cook, chill and pack 100°C of 100 kg of food.
  • Simplify the process: you don’t have to change the food container several times in the whole process.
  • Connect to auto packing machine: now or in the future. This means you don’t have to worry instant cooling machine will not fit in the process. It’s free to connect to any manufacturer line.
  • Supportive to any packing specifications.
  • Without distance limit: you can cook in building A, chilling in B, and packing in C. And you don’t need pipes or pumps to transfer your food. So there is no problem about cleaning and food remaining in the pipe.
  • If you have several products, like tea, sauce, soup or any beverages, instant cooling machine can cool any food. It’s easy to clean, so there is no problem of flavor mixed.
  • The best equipment to help you stabilize the quality: not only new shops need to stabilize the flavor and quality, but also old shops. Good flavor can make a shop success. You have to stabilize when you can control the quantity. If the quantity is quite large, it’s not easy to control. To stabilize the quality and the good quality will help you to expand your business.
  • Energy saving: two steps chilling (tap water chilling first and then ice water), you can save 75% of energy cost. The chilling cost is less than 50 cents.

There are 2 filling methods in central kitchen, hot filling and cold filling.


And the products have 2 kinds, chilled and frozen. Traditional method is hot filling, it’s safer. The preserving time is shorter than hot filling. So, cold filling is not OK because of there is no such kind of technology or equipment. But cold filling is good because of the flavor and the mouth feel.


The main reason why people choose to fill as the food is hot, the bacteria number. If the packing material is not quite clean, you can kill the bacteria by hot food. But the mouth feel of food is sacrificed. What temperature of food will kill the bacteria? Answer: spore bacteria is 130°C, colon bacillus is keeping 65°C for 15 minutes and salmonella is keeping 45°C for 10 minutes. In this temperature will cause scald easily, and there is any plastic material will not release toxin in high temperature. Besides the food safety, the cost will be high and the mouth feel of food is no good. These will become less competitive in the food market.


Nowadays, real hot filling is around 50°C, and this is no use of bacteria killing. And the preserving time will become shorter

It’s not easy to kill all the bacteria in the manufacturer process, instant cooling machine use the theory of temperature difference to cheat these bacteria to go hibernation, reducing the growth of bacteria. This scientifically chilling method pass the examinations of food industry research and development institute of Taiwan, the report shows that the bacteria number of chilling to 18 degree is fewer than high temperature. With instant cooling machine, cold filling is safe to food and people.

Hot filling is like pager when there is no cell phone. When cell phone shows up, people choose to use mobile.


There is one more thing needed in the cold filling process, a clean packing room. Not only control the food quality, but also the attitude of workers. And you can put your packing material in this area. This is because the clean room is dry, clean and in the low temperature. Bacteria don’t like this kind of environment when growing. Indirectly reduce the contamination of packing materials.



Low bacteria active and growth

= small changes of food

= stable quality

= future expanding