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In the home delivery selling, the products are usually frozen or chilled by fridge. The quality stability is more important in this industry because the food has to be transport to every customer. When the customers receive the food, it’s 24 hours after cooking. Besides the quality, the food has to be made in the lower contamination environment. As the internet is more popular now, the critical of every net mate is quite important. And the message they send is worldwide. If there is a little bad messages, the selling will be affected.


So, we will suggest our clients to separate the cooking area and packing area. Avoid the humid environment means to reduce the contamination of food by bacteria or any possibility of accident of workers.


If you just begin your career, we suggest you to purchase NE-16 instant cooling machine.



If you begin your business for some time or your quantity is large, we will suggest you to purchase NE-51 instant cooling machine.




55% of importance of machine consideration: Packing methods


Hardworking and food materials are needed in food manufacturer process.


Preserving the flavor, prolonging the preserving time, and reducing the food contamination are the most important and the hardest part of the whole manufacturer process. Normally, we will consider the fluency of the movements of process and workers. But if you forget these important details, the food contamination would be the most unstable factor.


Reducing the chance of bacteria growth + any risk happens when manufacturing + the fluency of food packing = the best design of your kitchen.

25 liters of pail packing:

After cooking, it’s better to reduce the changing of food containers, for example NE-16, to cook, cool, preserve, and sell at the same container. Clean it after finishing selling, and you can use this container to cook again. You don’t have to change the food container in every process and there is less contaminations in this process. But there is disadvantage, too. You can’t deal with large quantity at the same time. This is because sometimes the floor is wet in the kitchen. So 30 liters is suitable for a single person to handle the whole processes.

Besides pail packing, there are some packing methods are also convenient to transport or delivery.

Cup packing:


If you want to pack by small quantity of packing material, the manufacturer quantity is the important factor that you have to consider about.

With large quantity, you can use NE-51. Pack right after chilling or connect to filling machine. When the quantity is not quite large, we will suggest you to use NE-16, to fill and pack by several times.

Box packing:

Bottle packing:
Plastic bag packing:


Don’t worry about having more people to handle whole process, no matter 15 liters or 100 liters. All processes can be handled by a girl, from cooking, chilling, filling and packing. Low food contamination, low risks and fluent manufacturer process, these are the value added factors of instant cooling machine.