Single Shop & Restaurant

single shop and restaurant

A.The usage in the single shop

Affect factors of purchase: production quantity 45%

 1.Central shop: with large quantity.


Pail packing:



  1. Purchase one or more NE-16.


Productive process:

  • To cook less than 30 liters a time and chill them pail by pail or cook 60 liters a time, separate the soup or beverage by pails.
  • To chill by pail (around 25 liters) and put the pail into refrigerator right after chilling.
  • When you what to use the food you chilled, take out a pail of food and heat it up.
  • Clean the pail after using and use the same pail container again.

Use the same pot of chilling, preserving and heating, less contamination, only one person needed, easy manufacturer process and etc.

Plastic bag packing
PP box packing
Bottle packing


 2.NE-51 might be a better choice.


If you want to expand your business, this will be suitable when expanding. You don’t have to worry about adding more people to handle the manufacturer process. Whole manufacturer process of 50 to 80 kg can be handled by single person- reducing the personnel cost and the contamination of food.


B.Chain store usage (with small quantity) 

It’s economy to purchase NE-16 in your budget. And NE-16 is also suitable for people who try to begin their business on their own. Although the customers are not so much at the beginning, but this period is quite important. There will be some customers come to taste your food because of curiosity. So, you have to stabilize your quality and flavor at this moment. And the clients will keep coming back to taste your food.

If you want to create your own flavor of your restaurant, NE-16 is quite suitable. This is because the small chilling quantity will help you to invent your flavor easily and without large waste. Instant chilling will make the growth of bacteria slower, and the preserving time of food will become longer. You will allow adding more natural food material depends on this reason, such as use milk instead of cream, use fresh vegetable and fish. Your creativity has no limit because of instant cooling machine.




You can find some videos apply on restaurants.