Sunshine Energy Technology

Sunshine Energy is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel conducting tubes and the related products.  With its in-house developed conducting tubes:



delicious soup, cold beverage, tea beverage, soybean milk, barley pulp, black tea, green tea, red bean, green ban soup, white fungus soup, barley, beef soup, broth, curry sauce, Italian sauce, salad dressing, white sauce, red sauce, mushroom sauce, steak sauce, black pepper sauce, sticky sauce and all kinds of delicious sauces.  The company’s food rapid cooling machines, rapid cooling machines, rapid cooling machines, rapid cooling facilities revolutionize traditional cooling approaches.

Regardless the models, Sunshine Energy’s rapid cooling machines are configured in such a way that DIY assemble and install within 10 minute is possible.

維修售後服務 diy維修

The company wishes that chefs from all corners of the world, regardless their gender, age, gender and region, can take advantage of the revolutionized cooling method to reduce food contamination and employ it as a central kitchen helper.  Range of its applications: restaurant chains, central kitchens, bakes, pastures, academic institutes, food processing factories, cosmetic factories, tea shops, restaurants, restaurants, Italian restaurants, curry restaurants, caters, cater business, hotels, home delivery business, beverage chains, ice cream chains, Taiwanese appetizers, ground meat, beef noodle shops, noodle shops, Korean restaurants and grill restaurants.

All kinds of sticky or granulated foods: red bean ice, soybean ice, all kinds of ice toppings, steak sauce, Italian sauce, ground meat sauce, curry sauce, beef soup with solids, salad dressing, corn soup, cosmetics, soybean pudding, tea flavored jelly.

Broth and beverage: noodle soup stock, chicken soup, beef soup, broth, milk, goat milk, soybean milk, black tea, green tea, coffee, barley pulp.

Sunshine Energy has developed stainless steel conducting tubes.  This patented technology brings many surprises and wonders.  急速冷卻 急速冷卻

In 2003 the company had marketed them for heat recycling; however, due to the premature public awareness of recycled energy back then, the company eventually turned to rapid cooling.

In 2005 the company developed its first generation of food rapid cooling machines.  After carrying out 106 major improvements, the company is then able to make the machines to international standard in terms of voltage, safety, DIY assembly and maintenance, shipment, user guide videos and so on.  With its transformation, the company wishes to achieve three wins- the win of customers, of consumers and of Sunshine Energy.

Food rapid cooling is full of wonders. It is an art but is also often omitted.  Food rapid cooling is more than just to deal with temperatures.


Foods are composed of dedications of workers, plans and sacrificed livestocks. Foods consume a great deal of energy and require hard work and dedications of workers.  With Sunshine Energy’s competence in food cooling, the dedications, food ingredients and the sacrifice of livestocks can be paid off. Thus Sunshine Energy will continue marketing good products for a better earth tomorrow.

Although rapid cooling has been known for a long time, it is still as unpredictable as a naughty wizard.



Rapid cooling is more than just to lower temperatures swiftly.  It needs to take many aspects into account.  Cooing is important yet not easy.  Nevertheless if one can master it, one will be rewarded by a win-win situation.  Cooling takes place in the post stage of food processing.  Cooling affects total costs.  Correct or incorrect cooling determines whether efforts of the previous processing stages are paid off or gone wasted.


Cooling is like using a cell phone.  Although we can live without cell phones, the lack of cell phones causes a great deal of inconvenience as they could in fact contribute to a high-level value- social bond.  After a trial use, you will be convinced of the added value of the rapid cooling machines.