Management concept

Sunshine Energy’s business philosophy: to enable food producers with passion for gourmet to bring more delicious and healthy food to their customers.  Sunshine Energy also hopes to mitigate global warming within the framework of food safety, heat recycling and energy recycling.  Rapid cooling can provide a great deal of benefits to consumers and food producers and have a positive impact to food ingredients and energy.


It allows the sacrifice of livestocks, dedication of workers and consumed energy to be paid off. Consumers are profited from food cooling as enhanced hygiene reduce diseases.



With the least amount of consumption, rapid cooling helps to achieve food cooling, pleasant flavors, hygiene and shelf time.

Future food safety


To promote a positive loop of society through employing the video-based food traceability system.

Farmers seek a diversified ecosystem and a personalized show stage.


Livestock farmers seek humane feeding of livestock.




Retailers and processing factories seek light processed healthy gourmet.

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Consumers are clear with their choices made.


This is the ultimate goal of Sunshine Energy and purpose of its business operation.