Management Concept

Sunshine Energy Technology uses our main technology of stainless steel energy conduction tube to develop a new method of food chilling.

We hope that everyone around the world can use this new cooling method to reduce any possibility of cooling. Our instant cooling machine will be your good helper in the kitchen.

Instant cooling machine can be used in chain restaurants, central kitchens, bakery store, food manufacture plants, cosmetics plants, restaurants, Italian cuisine restaurants, catering, hotel, home delivery industries, bubble tea shops, chain tea shops, ice cream store, Taiwanese food, beef soup noodle restaurants, Korean cuisine restaurants, and etc.


Clear liquid (soup and beverage): delicious broth, cool beverage, tea drinks, soybean milk, black tea, green tea, green bean sweet soup, beef soup, pork bone soup, and all kinds of liquid cooling.

Sticky liquid and liquid with ingredients: barley milk, white fungus juice, beef soup, curry sauce, Italian sauce, cream sauce, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, sticky sauce, and all kinds of sticky liquid cooling.

During the chilling process, our instant cooling machine will not destroy the ingredients and make the food to cool down evenly. Besides, instant cooling will preserve the flavor of food.

NE series of instant cooling machine are designed for DIY quick assembly; this will let our customers have no worries of repairing.

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