Post Sales Service

Customer service is the most important asset in Sunshine Energy and for customers it is also a factor worth considering. The leading food rapid cooling machines and rapid cooling system can streamline the production process, save labor and preserve food ingredients.  Nevertheless, just like cars subject to regular maintenance, parts need to be replaced when they reach their maximum lifetime.  A sound post sales service and warranty provide assurance to the users. Sunshine Energy offers different warranty promises based on different products. The company takes into amount customers’ return on investment to the greatest extend and supports trouble shooting in the remote manner.


Sunshine Energy’s conducting tubes:  not subject to wear-out, not subject to maintenance and with a high durability up to 10 years.  It will take just three minutes to complete the replacement of parts in question.


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Limited warranty

Besides machine defects, Sunshine Energy also provides one year warranty beginning from the date the machine is purchased.  Following terms and conditions  are not applicable:

1. damage caused by man-made accident, incorrect use, own attempts to repair or maintain, unauthorized changes than prescribed in the user’s manual.

2. damage cussed by natural disasters such as lightening or flood, or over-voltage and improper use of the machine.

It is recommended that all the machine users follow the maintenance and cleaning guidebook. It is critical to avoid breakdowns caused by operating the machines in an inappropriate environment.  The malfunction caused by lack of regular maintenance is treated as improper use of the machine and is thus not applicable for warranty.

Flow of post sales service




Post sales service:

Once every three months the company surveys the machine status and customer needs.

In case of machine breakdowns, shipment of the replaced parts will be arranged in the next day to minimize the inconvenience occurred to the customers. Parts can be replaced in three minutes.

Videos on cell phone mode, computer streaming videos, pictures of the operation.

Service hotline: 0800-277888