Heat Recycle

Heat recycling

Sunshine Energy started up in heat recycling business.


To configure a highly efficient heat recycling one needs to take several aspects into account.   Most crucially is to collect the heat exhausted to the atmosphere without compromising the system’s ability to cool; in this sense, heat is recycled and the efficiency of the compressor is enhanced.


1. relax system’s cooling capacity

2. reduce indoor heat

3. increase rate of heat exchange and performance of a compressor

4. mitigate the problem of under radiating in summer and over in winter

5. free hot water

6. no maintenance required

7. energy saving





Sunshine Energy was originally a subsidiary of Chi-hung Limited.


In 2016 Chi-hung stepped in central kitchen planning and construction. Due to its ever expanding business, Chi-hung was renamed to Clever Central Kitchen Design to correspond to its future business strategy.  Sunshine Energy is specialized in machinery and has been waiting for a right business opportunity. 14 years ago Sunshine Energy had missed the market and yet the company now believes that with its expertise accumulated over the years it will return to heat recycling in the near future and continue its original faith in deterring the global warming from worsening.  Applications associated with heat recycling:

Heat released from a compressor=cool air indoor+30% heat energy released from a working compressor=130% heat energy.  With Sunshine Energy’s conducting tubes and heat conduction technology, 130% heat energy exhausted to the atmosphere can be reduced by 30%.


This helps to mitigate the problem with global warming.  Private residence, cleaning, cooking(with supporting measures), restaurants, food factories, hospitals, hotels and Bed-and-Breakfasts can all profit from heat recycling, so long as the demand for heat exchange exists.



Heat recycling means not only getting free hot water, but stabilizing the performance of a compressor, enhancing efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.







This is the true sense of energy saving and a friendly gesture for the environment.  Double kettle, regardless run by steam or direct fire, demand a fair amount of heat.  When in operation, a double kettle releases a lot of heat, which can be recycled with conducting tubes and become useful again as hot water or as energy serving other purposes.

攪拌式二重釜 一般蒸氣式二重釜
攪拌式二重釜 一般蒸氣式二重釜


In the process of noodle cooking, restaurant workers stay in a physically demanding condition.  The heat is released to the atmosphere.



As large air volume requires correspondingly large exhaust fens, large fens exhausts cool air as well.  As cold and warm air joint, it forms water drops.  Conducting tubes can be used to convert cold water into heat energy, providing business owners with double benefits.