Industrial Cooling

Industrial cooling normally involves more than just temperatures.


Polishing, for instance, demands high preciseness. Customers use various approaches to bring down temperatures but problems with temperature holding remain.  Temperature holding is possible but the resulting performance appears not reliable.  The maintenance cannot be conducted internally.


As for polishing, one needs to take the processing environment and coolant into account. Changes in temperatures of coolant may impact to the stability of spindle tolerance, which impedes the quality and competitiveness. Nevertheless, other factors worth considering besides temperatures:


  1. What is the total heat value?
  2. What is the maximum heat energy?
  3. Duration of daily operation?
  4. Does powder in the liquid block the heat exchange?
  5. High oil content?
  6. Do temperatures in the air increase the oil volatile?
  7. Possibility to have a minimum of 2 years of operation?
  8. Supplies and maintenance?





Sunshine Energy provides the customized cooling and temperature holding system with conducting tube technology and heat flow technology.  In this system, consumers can freely adjust temperatures as they wish and temperatures of coolant can be kept within .5. The high added value of processing technology is achieveable.