Central Kitchen Planning

It is the dream of each restaurant owner to establish his own central kitchen, with the aim at achieving a larger quantity, lower cost, simplified production flow and more competitive advantage.

But many business owners end up at establishing large commercial kitchens.  Mass output, mass contamination =unstable food quality and food waste.


A large central kitchen is not suitable for many business and industries. A better solution should be several small central kitchens instead.  Regardless of the choices you make, the focus should be based on the concepts of a central kitchen, not a large kitchen.  There are many models and first hand experiences in terms of utilization and establishment of a central kitchen. You are welcome to drop by and have discussions with us.




If you decide to establish a central kitchen to take advantage of mass production and the lower cost, special attention needs to be given to bacteria, cross contamination, contamination by staff, by machines, by pipelines and by production flows. The planing of food flow is based on the management of the factors addressed above. Otherwise the larger the production quantity, the more food waste is the result.


Aspects to consider before planning:

1. Space for machines, for staff operation, for trolleys

2. Space kcal value, food kcal value, power KW, waster water examination COD BOD SS, level of firefighting, heat exchange of air conditioning

3. Good Hygiene Practice, building regulations, fire codes, interior design regulations, environmental regulations, labor safety regulations

4. Food manufacturer registration, HACCP, ISO22000

Although good ingredients and a good facility environment are in place, less competitive is still the outcome. (competitors show only the positive side of the self)



Clever Central Kitchen allows global consumers to see a whole perspective.  Companies compete on different aspects.  Return on investments accelerates. Clever Central Kitchen collects improvements from the production flow. Competitiveness is the sum of all details recorded per second.

1. Global consumers can see each beverage cup has its unique e-pedigree.

2. Records are saved on cloud reducing the performance gap staff bring in to work with their very different level of execution ability .

3. Claud analysis allows information to be queried and studied.

4. Internet of Things with feature of automatic control and signaling alarm allows production runs more smoothly.

Thus it is worth to wonder your kitchen is a large commercial kitchen or central kitchen, small dental kitchen or a cloud based kitchen.

Central kitchen

The main aspects of central kitchen planning focus on smooth processing flow and food safety.  How to reduce the convey, the problem with packing, scald, contamination.


Just press one Sunshine Energy button you get all job done from discharging to delivery. Central kitchen planning is based on production output and packing flow of the client.

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Single operation: labor saving, one female staff can handle the food weighted up to 150kg,100℃, from food discharging, cooling to packing.

Simplified flow: there is no need to shuffling containers back and forth.

Connect to food packing machines: whether now or future.

Flexibility: the machine fulfills all specifications of food packing machines.

No distance barriers: building A is cooking, building B cooling while building C packing. There is no pipeline, no pump, and thus no concern about food residue and cleaning problems.



Lot production: consumers demand flavors to be constantly changed, no sugar, little sugar, half sugar, more sugar, full sugar; sometimes they demand sauces, sometimes soups, and sometimes beverage. I believe it bothers you. Now regardless the items you plan to produce, regardless how many varieties of flavors, our machines can fulfill your needs.

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Stabilize your quality: we all have experiences with spoiled food even from well known, good visited restaurants. Restaurant owners are confused as foods are tasted fine in the morning.




The answer lays in central temperature of the food.


Good taste devotes to the blooming business of today yet as the production output increases, quality control becomes difficult.  The profits is determined by a stable quality.

Diamonds-04 Clubs-07

This also helps to stabilize your franchise system. A consistent quality among branches is the most decisive aspect of establishing a central kitchen.

中央廚房 天然香氣

Energy saving: a dual stage cooling system allows you to save 75% of energy expenses while the first stage costs you only NT$1.  Does that move you?


Cloud central kitchen

Central kitchen and could flows


Commercial kitchen design refers to the planning of a series of due allocations and arrangements to achieve the maximum amount of hygiene, operational efficiency, economic benefits and workplace comfort. Nevertheless, physical arrangements are no less important than spacial allocation.

Clubs-14 細菌交叉汙染

Clubs-12 Clubs-11

Conditions such as humanity, air movement, lighting affect not only the work efficiency and the health of staff but also food safety and hygiene. It is certainly a big project to renovation a commercial kitchen.  Strive to be a full-service provider, Sunshine Energy continues to work with companies in the area of blast pipes, air conditioning, boilers, noodle cooking facilities, grinding facilities, steam cookers, cookwares and so forth. Not only the company reaps the result of the enhanced efficiency but our clients benefit also from the opportunity to test the machine on-site before deciding to place an order.

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Lastly, at the final stage of planning, Sunshine Energy would submit the in-house drawings to Food Industry Research and Development Institute Taiwan for comments and feedbacks.  With a  higher possibility to pass the initial examination and regular verification conducted every two years, this connection to the institute attracts those which plan to acquire HACCP certification for their food business.

Clubs-04 Clubs-01

Hearts-03 Clubs-03

Each food and restaurant business has its own business model, size, target customers and unique products, whether you run an independent shop, regional kitchen or full scale central kitchen,

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Sunshine Energy is happy to work with you, with your own pace, towards the direction of higher efficiency and safer workplace.

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